Monday, October 28, 2013

Kelly Osbourne Continues To Hate on Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga appeared with Sharon Osbourne on the X Factor UK, and it went well - until Gaga got word that it was Kelly Osbourne's birthday and she presented Sharon with a cake for her.

Kelly Osbourne DID NOT like that. She tweeted lots of very rude things in response to this gesture and slammed Gaga for her fakeness. She suggested that if Stefani Germanotta really meant to make peace between the pair, she'd have sent Kelly a cake directly, not give it to her mom who's halfway around the world.

Let's be real here - Kelly has a point. Gaga's actions were nice for Sharon, but not particularly nice for Kelly, who wouldn't get to enjoy the cake. That being said, I do think Gaga was trying to extend the olive branch and make peace, not trying to be vindictive. I saw a picture of the cake, and it's not that fits well with Gaga's defense that she'd just heard that it was Kelly's birthday and didn't have time to send one across the globe to her.

I think what Gaga did may have been a mix of genuine peacemaking and negative curiosity...not that I'm explaining that right. What I mean is, she may have been sort of trying to make peace, but with the fact in mind that Kelly may freak out and make herself look bad. So who looks good? Gaga. Who looks bad? Kelly. Even though technically Gaga instigated the situation. So, if that's the case, I guess it worked! Either way, Gaga kind of won. Well played, Gaga, well played.

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