Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jon Cryer's Wife Wants BANK - $88,000 a Month in Child Support

Jon Cryer's ex-wife went from 4% physical custody of their son to 50%...and she wants a raise to go with it. One that would make her child support go from $8,000 a month to $88,969 a month...which, even though Jon Cryer makes a lot of money, is completely ridiculous.

Sarah Trigger claims this is all for her son, and because Jon Cryer makes $2 million a month, he should pay up. You know, even though he still has his 13 year old Charlie half the time. Per TMZ:
Sarah says life is awful.  She says her son Charlie can't afford the ritzy summer camps his friends attend.  She says Charlie's friends go on "exotic vacations in the summer and winter like Europe and Thailand."  He can't go.

It gets worse. Sarah says Charlie's friends at The Buckley School have "huge birthday parties at expensive places like Sky High Sports and they invite the entire grade."  And worst of all ... the Bar Mitzvahs. Sarah says, "Last year there were multiple Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs all with custom invitations, a dress code and huge private receptions afterward."
EOnline has even better info, in which Ms. Trigger defends her choice of asking for money because she's unemployed and can't provide like the Two and a Half Men star clearly, the solution is that Jon hands her money so she can look good in front of her son.
"Currently, Charlie experiences two different lifestyles depending on which parent he is with," Trigger, who shares custody with Cryer 50-50, says. "Fifty percent of the time Charlie is able to compete with his peers on a level playing field and the other fifty percent of the time Charlie is not able to compete on a level playing field."

Here's a hint: maybe don't send him to a zillion dollar a year private school. Send him to a normal school and that $8,000 monthly paycheck will be more than many kids' parents see in several months.

I read earlier that Sarah is an actress whose career never got off the ground. This sounds like an attempt to get her name in the spotlight now that her son's a teenager. Maybe she wants to try acting again and think this is the way to get her name out there.

Also, I'm not sure that Jon Cryer should be trying to give any money to Ms. Trigger, who reportedly choked their son a few years back and wanted to have Jon Cryer killed. (It seems the second part may not be true but the first part was...and even after that, Jon had to pay $8,000 a month for her to watch their kid 4 percent of the time!)

Something is very, very wrong here.

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