Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Catfish: 10/8/13 - Is She Really Dating Rapper Bow Wow?

Keyonnah is in an online relationship with rapper Bow Wow (theoretically). She found his Facebook account and messaged him, and that led to texting and more...but no video chatting because because something's always broken on his end. On the flip side, he sent her $10,000...so that says something!

The next bit was pretty mundane, aside from a part where Nev, Max and Keyonnah discuss the pronunciation of the word "aunt".

Bow Wow...for real.
Keyonnah said Bow Wow said he could help her out and would send her money via his assistant Larry Brown. To Keyonnah's credit, she offered to return the money, and when (theoretical) Bow Wow refused, she helped her family out and saved some of the cash.

A problem came up - Keyonnah said the page she'd originally contacted Bow Wow on had been deleted...a different Facebook page for Bow Wow is now active and Keyonnah has no contact with him on there.

A second problem came up - Bow Wow Skypes with his daughter. And he can't Skype with her. Oh, and the phone number Renee has for Bow Wow is from North Carolina...and could belong to a woman named Renee or her son named Maurice.

Nev and Max used their MTV connections to talk to MTV's Media Relations group. They found out that Bow Wow's assistant's name is Ant, not Larry.

"Bow Wow" didn't answer a call from the group, but did text Nev back asking who he is. They texted back and forth, and "Bow Wow" said he is, in fact, not Bow Wow, but then identified himself by his real name - Shad Moss. Still, no answers on whether this "Bow Wow" is real.

Nev got a text the next morning. It was "Bow Wow" saying he'd be in Atlanta the next morning and wanted to meet Keyonnah.

The group pulled up to the address they were given to meet Bow Wow. A small boy stepped out of the house. Wait...wait...this kid said he's 23? Wait again...it's a GIRL? Okay, I think I just went through some kind of mental turnaround here. Okay, here's the deal - I thought a young boy opened the door. It turned out to be a 23 year old girl. Wow. Okay, then.

It turns out Dee, which is the person's stage name, was sorry for lying but still wants to be there for Keyonnah at least as a friend. She made up the Bow Wow page to meet girls, although I guess she didn't think through that girls who were attracted to Bow Wow may not be attracted to her.

So, this girl says she's called Dee Pimpin in her music career and makes a lot of money from it...but there's nothing searchable on her. And Dee said her cousin was the voice Keyonnah communicated with. And Dee said something about putting a dildo in her pants so girls think she's a guy...yeah, weird.

This episode got really, really strange!

Next, we met Fred, Dee's cousin. Keyonnah told Fred that his actions were pretty messed up. Fred said he was 'just a man online' and he was being there for his cousin. He apologized for hurting Keyonnah, which is a start.

Then, Dee opened up about how Keyonnah showed her how to have feelings, and it seems that she thought things would work out because she sent Keyonnah money. Dee maintained that she makes her money from music, and she doesn't want to put her music online in case anyone steals it. (What?)

Then the truth came out...DEE BORROWED MONEY FROM PEOPLE TO GIVE MONEY TO KEYONNAH. She said they were okay with because they knew she'd pay it back. But she hasn't paid them back. And they thought they were supporting her career, and Dee maintains that she'll pay them all back when music makes her rich. WHHHHAAATTTT????

End of story: Keyonnah said she doesn't want to be friends with Dee right now BECAUSE SHE'S A LIAR but decided to think about it and see her actions in the future.

In the end notes of the show, Dee says she's trying to pay her friends back and wants to be friends with Keyonnah. Keyonna's just trying to recover.

Note: There's a lot of buzz on Twitter about this episode being really, really fake. And I don't necessarily disagree. Why?
- Because Bow Wow could stand to gain some publicity from this. And he plans to live tweet after the show. So he is gaining publicity from it.
- It was noted that Keyonnah didn't react strongly enough to meeting Dee, so it didn't look that real.
- Do people really lend others enough money to get to $10,000?
- So...one person was the talker and one was the texter? Dee and her cousin were that good at coordination?
- Bow Wow had a video ready to release as soon as the episode aired: Click here. In this message, Bow Wow thanks the Catfisher / Catfishee for the publicity and asks them to come on 106 and Park. Yeaaah.


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