Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Advertising campaign that inspired The Hangover

Most of you have seen the movie The Hangover and of course, the sequel, and you know that it has been inspired by Las Vegas. But more importantly, it has actually been inspired by the advertising campaign that was launched back in 2003, the advertising campaign that came out with the tagline "What Happens Here, Stays Here."

The campaign was supposed to launch with the ad "Mistress in Disguise" during Super Bowl in 2003, but it was banned by NFL. However, instead of just being banned and forgot about, the rejection gave the campaign millions worth of free media publicity and became known as the "ad that NFL doesn't want you to see."

It has now driven millions of new people to Sin City, inspiring number of parodies (including at least one by Saturday Night Live), an Usher song and of course the trilogy of Hangover movies and also the Cameron Diaz movie "What Happens in Vegas."

This year it's the campaign's 10 year anniversary and Las Vegas has come out with new commercials to celebrate it. The new commercials aren't a review of things that have been, but come with an original story that encourages visitors not to share the shenanigans of their friends with the world.
The new campaign starts with "History of Friendship" which is a story of two friends of whom one is a so said Vegas Enabler who is experiencing hysterical incidents throughout their friendship. The new campaign will be airing through May 2014.

Even though the campaign is not all about TV commercials and features a multitude of platforms, Sara Gorgon, an account supervisor at R&R Partners, says that "The heart of the campaign is the video." R&R Partners is the agency of record for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA).

You can check out the clips and other information at www.lasvegas.com.

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

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