Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tough Love Co-Ed - 9/18/13

This week on Tough Love, Steve tested the guys and girls' communication skills - he put them on dates and only let them talk via a voice synthesizer that made them sound like robots. There was another twist - the contestants won't even meet their dates - and the dates were told to ask questions that would test the Boot Campers.

Christopher didn't even try with his date, and Judy was shocked by her date - although she was open and honest. Chris screwed up - he said he didn't want to date a woman with kids, and then his date said she had two kids. Kyle did great - she opened up and was honest about her relationship, but didn't over-communicate. Paj came off sounding shady. Porsche ended her date early with a bad attitude, and Steve told her she failed.

Steve told the contestants that they'd be doing a charity auction, where they'd be offering themselves up for dates. While Steve would handle the bidding, the contestants had to sell their positive qualities to make people bid for dates. There would be new people, and people they'd already dated.

Judy received a call from home and found out she'd lost her grandmother. Everyone gathered around her to support her. She'd be leaving in a few days to go see her family.

Porsche was first, and she began by saying her name is real and not her stripper name. She emphasized that both her mind and outward appearance are important. Her ending bid was $40. Other bids were between $30 and $100, with Sariya taking a high bid for talking about her cooking skills. Rusty, Kyle's former date, bid on and won the date with her. Three guys were willing to pay $100 to date Judy, and she had to choose one, and she chose a second date with date Darius, a guy she'd dated in a previous episode.

The couples spent time together, and Steve gave Kyle an earpiece to help her succeed. Steve hoped to steer Kyle to deeper topics than she usually discusses. It worked. She explored new topics and felt like she took charge of her date.

Steve invited some of the dates back to the house later. Rusty came for Kyle and they spent time cuddling by the fire pit. Cassie showed up for Christopher. Darius arrived next, and Judy was asked if there's room for Darius in her life along with her late husband. Unfortunately, Judy spilled her guts a bit too much to Darius and got an attitude.

Cassie was invited to the group session to give Christopher feedback about their date. She said that Christopher's energy may be too much for her. She felt tired at the end of their date.

Porsche was told that she was too abrupt in her voice-only date and she said she'd try to improve.

Judy found herself in the hot seat because she's still not over her late husband. She kept referencing her (late) husband on her date. Steve told Judy that she needs to compartmentalize the past and move on. Then, Judy left to be with her family, but not before Steve encouraged her to come back after she mourned her loss.

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