Thursday, September 12, 2013

Too Young To Marry: A Recap & Review

Too Young To Marry is a four part special on Oxygen. Last night, the first episode premiered.

We met Bradley and Shanice, a young couple. Neither of their mothers supported their union. Shanice wanted her mother, Sharon, to attend the wedding, but she was opposed because of the pair's youth, so throughout the episode, it looked like that might not happen.

Bradley secretly transferred colleges to be with Shanice. Because someone needed to know where he'd be, he told sister Marie, who he's not close with. She was not supportive at all. She said she'd "laugh her a** off when he got a divorce from that stupid b****." Then she slapped him. WHAT? WHAT? While I understand Marie not liking Shanice for personal reasons, that kind of reaction and violence are not warranted. I wonder if Marie's embarrassed now that the episode aired.

After his talk with Marie, Bradley's mom, who he hadn't seen in years, called and said she'd be coming in to see him. June's goal was to stop the wedding. While her presentation wasn't good, her intention seemed to be - she'd gotten married at 19 and she'd gotten divorced 9 years later.

Bradley's mom told him that in Mississippi, you have to be 21 to get married. If you're not, you need parental consent. June said she wouldn't be signing.

Their story did not end on this episode, but it looks like the pair tried to get married but Bradley's mom started trouble at the wedding.

We also met Angel and Kevin. Angel's mother Mariluz, a born again Christian, as completely opposed to their relationship because they're gay. She seemed to think being gay is a phase, and her lack of acceptance seemed to really hurt both Angel and Kevin.

I fully support relationships of all kind, as long as the participants live morally and ethically, but this pair had fundamental differences, like when it comes to spending money. Angel thinks Kevin should splurge on things like wedding rings, and Kevin's more conservative. Kevin seems to be more conservative on many issues than his partner.

The pair had a fight after shopping for wedding rings, and Angel couldn't get in touch with Kevin. It turns out that Kevin wasn't reachable for a big reason - he'd gotten drunk in his anger and gotten intimate with another man, and he'd previously been a virgin. Angel did not take it well and broke off the wedding.

Angel met his mom to tell her what happened because he needed a shoulder to cry on. He didn't get that - his mom told him he's too young to know what to want and that God didn't make gay people. Angel told his mom he has anger, and his mom asked if it was from his father leaving - and Angel said no, it was from her. She refused to hear it. His mom always wanted things her way, and Angel thought that those actions may be why he's so controlling with Kevin.

Angel and Kevin met to talk. Kevin shared his concerns, which mainly circled around Angel's controlling nature, which made him spin out of control. Things seemed to improve. Later, Kevin left a box on Angel's doorstep. It had his favorite aromatherapy stuff and a note to find another gift. The second gift asked Angel to meet him at Central Park. Kevin presented a new ring to Angel and said, "Will you marry me someday?" Angel said yes.

Two months later, the pair broke up, got back together and broke up again.

My review:

Too Young To Marry is okay. It's a bit drawn out and overdramatic, and it's frustrating to watch because really, the couples are too young to marry. But it is mildly entertaining in the mind numbing, turn your brain off reality TV kind of way.

Is it worth watching? If you've got some spare time while folding laundry, sure. But I wouldn't go out of my way if I didn't have DVR so I can watch it while I do other things.

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