Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Melissa Gorga's New Book Love Italian Style Is Ruffling Some Feathers

Melissa Gorga's book Love Italian Style isn't doing so well in terms of positive reviews.
 First and foremost, the reviews of Love Italian Style: Secrets to My Hot and Happy Marriage on Amazon.com leave something to be desired. With an overall review of two out of five stars, readers aren't thrilled. It seems that people aren't buying the secrets shared in Love Italian Style and aren't afraid to share that.

A reviewer on Amazon, who gave the book a one star review, had this to say:
This book was painful. Shame on whoever told Melissa Gorga she could write. Not to mention that her "secrets" are from another century. I've been married nearly 30 years. We still got it. And it has nothing to do with being my husband's servant. It has to do with love and respect. Too bad the author of this drivel doesn't know that.
Others question how this book actually gives any advice and talk about the bad grammar and logic. A commenter noted that Melissa's narcissism shines through her words and the commenter wishes she could give a negative review, because one star just isn't cutting it. Ouch.

Secondly, critics are saying this book supports marital rape because Melissa Gorga claims that women want to be dominated and should give their husbands sex whenever they want it. It also supports the fact that Melissa is happy to be a second class citizen to her husband and thinks other women should follow her lead. Per Jezebel.com:

The amount of sexism, gender essentialism, and caveman logic within its pages is so appalling that it's difficult to believe that her book is anything but a cry for help.

It's very clear—from her anecdotes, observations, and tips—that she's married to a controlling asshole that barely views her as human, let alone an equal. He won't "allow" her to go on overnight trips without him, he has a say in the clothes she wears, didn't want her to get a job (even before she became a mother), and he has gotten violent when Melissa does things that he doesn't like.
I'm not saying, by any means, that women don't ever want to try things in the bedroom or a woman shouldn't consider her husband's desires and feelings, but this takes it to an extreme. Sure, if a woman wants a man's opinion on her clothing, that's one thing, but a man shouldn't have the final say on her wardrobe if she really wants to wear something, both parties feelings should always be considered and violence should never be condoned.

Thirdly, is anyone kind of not calling BS on this book being Melissa's true life? Sure, we've all got happy moments, but we also have lots of struggles, and being on TV certainly doesn't help that. Between Teresa Giudice drama, rumors of Melissa being a stripper and stories of the Gorgas being flat out broke, does anyone really believe that Melissa and Joe's marriage truly is blissful?

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