Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm Having Their Baby: Where Are They Now Episode

This episode of I'm Having Their Baby featured moms from previous episodes visiting the kids they gave up for adoption.

Corinthia: Corinthia, from DC, was traveling with her kids to Utah to meet Quinnah, who she gave up for adoption. Corinthia, who gave birth in February 2013, was especially sensitive to adoption because her grandmother raised her. Adoption was hard for her, but she knew she was doing the right thing. Still, after the adoption, she got depressed and got pregnant again. She planned to ask Quinnah's adoptive parents to adopt the new child as well.

The visit went well - Quinnah seemed to bond with her birth mom, which gave Corinthia hope that she'll one day understand her decision. The kids enjoyed the visit as well. Plus, Corinthia realized that Quinnah's adoptive family will be great for her - Quinnah has advantages that Corinthia couldn't offer her.

Corinthia sat down with the adoptive parents and asked them if they'd like to adopt Corinthia's soon-to-be-born sibling. Unfortunately, the answer was "We'll talk." The two would have two babies, ten months apart.

Later, the families visited a children's museum. The adoptive parents brought up the topic about adopting the second baby again - and they said YES! They were so happy about the gift Corinthia was giving them. And how awesome is that for baby Quinnah? She'd have a full sibling living with her! It was awesome.

Megan: Megan, 25, from Katy, Texas, put baby Parker up for adoption two and a half months before this episode was filmed (Parker was born in February 2013). She was very emotional knowing she'd have to say goodbye to her baby again. Megan's situation was tough - she and her boyfriend Jacob got pregnant right in the beginning of their relationship. Her parents were unsupportive and she didn't have a good job. Megan had a lot of dread about handing her baby over to the adoptive parents.

Adoptive parents Holly and Cullin invited Megan and Jacob to visit for the weekend. During the visit, Megan did well - she felt warm and joy spending time with Parker. Still, it was hard for Megan to leave. Jacob, who'd abandoned Megan during her pregnancy, said this situation helped him grow up and find his goals.

Tory: Tory, already mother to a son, decided to give her child up for adoption. Seven months prior, she had to make that decision. Tory's boyfriend Mike didn't like the idea of giving his daughter up for adoption, but Tory wasn't ready for another child. Tory chose adoptive parents, and the adoptive mother had a hysterectomy because she was sure that Tory would be giving them the baby. The potential adoptive parents, Sarah and Joe, decided to back away from the adoption. Tory chose new adoptive parents, but then decided to keep the baby.

Since this occurred, Tory and Mike got engaged and Tory got a new job as a nurse's assistant. Keeping the baby made everyone into a family, and Tory is happy with the outcome.

Tory still talks to Sarah and Joe once in a while, and she thinks the adoption wouldn't have worked because they were too close. Fortunately, Sarah and Joe were able to adopt another little boy named Ezra. This allowed them to accept that Tory made the right decision.

Alexa: Alexa, who placed her baby up for adoption two months before the episode, got a visit from her child's adoptive parents Courtney and Brian. Alexa, a virgin before she had sex with a friend on her last day of high school, got pregnant the first time she had sex. Alexa had concerns that she may not see her baby as much as she wanted because open adoptions are not legally binding.

Alexa had a very hard labor. Enslie Marie was born in March, 2013. Alexa loved her right away. She didn't realize how many emotions she'd have. Ultimately, she realized she made the right decision because she maintained her ability to be a teenager.

Alexa was happy with the open adoption - she got to see the baby just as she'd imagined. Alexa and the adoptive parents meet and talk over Face Time. The situation works for everyone because Alexa views Courtney and Brian, not herself, as the parents. Courtney and Brian like to see the similarities between Alexa and Enslie.

That was it for today's episode. Everyone seemed happy with the outcomes of the adoptions, or lack of. It was nice to see that everyone's doing well and happy with their lives.

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