Saturday, September 28, 2013

Farrah Abraham Continues to Keep It Classy (Sarcasm)...With a Sex Toy Line

Farrah Abraham sure knows how to make her mother - and daughter - proud.

First, she got pregnant at 16 and starred on MTV's 16 and Pregnant.
Then, she continued her search for fame on Teen Mom, in which she acted like a brat.
After that, there was a DUI and a porno (not so cleverly disguised as a sex tape with a porn star).

And now, Farrah fans, you too can have sex with a fake Farrah. That's right, our favorite Teen Mom trainwreck is now designing a line of sex toys...modeled after herself.

Per RealityTea:

In a recent video, titled Farrah Abraham: She's Now A Sex Toy, Farrah shared she's designing her own line of sex toys, including replicas of her own lady bits.
"I think I'm taking sex symbol to a whole new level today," explained Farrah. "I'm at Topco, which is the fourth biggest in the nation adult sales manufacturer. So, now I'm going to have a whole sex line. People are going to jack off to me." 

Wow. Just, wow.  I'm pretty sure Farrah couldn't have figured out a less classy way to phrase that if she tried. And if she really wants to be a sex symbol, maybe she could do something a little classier than making plastic versions of her boobs, butt and vag. (And yes, all 3 will be molded for the pleasure of others.)

Possibly the most confusing part of this is Farrah saying she can talk about her naughty bits out loud because she's a mom. Wait, what? So...if you're not a mom you can't do these things? And how the (bleep) does you being a mother make any of this MORE acceptable? If anything, wouldn't you not want to do these things so you set a good example for your daughter?

I mean, I don't have kids, so maybe I just don't understand these things, but I'm pretty sure having given birth doesn't mean you should make molds of your most intimate parts.

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