Saturday, September 14, 2013

Award-winning web series bringing you new travel adventures each week

Let's Roam, Travelocity's award-winning web series that launched in May is premiering new wepisodes of great travel destinations each and every week on Wednesdays at 11am ET. The websodes are available at and through Travelocity’s YouTube Channel.

The web series is hosted by Courtney Scott who spends a day in different destinations, introducing you the hidden cultural gems, spectacular views, fun activities, great local people and she's also volunteering in local organizations.

“The magic of travel isn’t just getting from point A to point B, it’s all of the uncharted moments that happen in between,” Scott said. “I’m a roamer by nature, and when I travel, I’m searching for the stories that bring to life the heart, soul and local flavor of a place beyond the tourist spots.”

Some of the new webisodes reveal the hidden gems in Curacao as well as the U.S. Virgina Islands. The very latest webisode takes you to Courtney's grand adventure in magical Colombia where she roams through the sleepy town of Salento as well as the wax palm fields of the Cocora Valley.
See the spectacular scenes together with her. Discover her, and who knows, maybe also your, new favorite hot beverage called Canelazo. Tourist places where she's seems to be the only tourist in town and more.

You can expect new webisodes with Courtney Scott and her fellow traveller, The Travelocity Roaming Gnome, every Wednesday at 11am ET.

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