Sunday, September 8, 2013

Anna Wintour Takes A Stand Against Miley Cyrus

See this picture of Miley Cyrus twerking? Don't do that if you don't want to get on Vogue's Anna Wintour's bad side.

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Anna Wintour, a hugely powerful name in the fashion world, had pegged Miley Cyrus as a fashion icon and had pegged her for the cover of Vogue magazine this coming December. However, after seeing Miley's VMA twerk-fest with Robin Thicke on the VMAs, Anna's taken the honor away from the former Disney star.

Reportedly, like Liam Hemsworth (Miley's former fiance), Anna wants to distance herself from Miley because she found the performance distasteful. Because, you know, it was.

Not only that, but Anna's impeccable fashion sense probably told her that the ill-fitting, skin toned bikini pieces were hardly attractive on Miley, and someone just can't do something as classy as Vogue after wearing something so unappealing. And Miley's hardly a role model - her song We Can't Stop is chock full of drug references. You don't want impressionable readers thinking that Vogue condones such behaviors.

Miley - didn't you branch out enough with Can't Be Tamed? I understand you want to break out of your Disney persona (I mean, Hannah Montana was squeaky clean) but your name really is Destiny Hope, so I hope you follow a destiny that will give you a long, positive career, not the trainwreck you're going towards. Learn from your co-star Mitchel Musso and his underage DUI case - learn from your mistakes. Get yourself together and become a positive role model, even if you want to have a wild side to go with it.

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