Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tough Love: Co-Ed Season Premiere

Tough Love is back...but with a twist. As usual, Steve Ward brought in eight women. But Steve also brought eight (in his words) 'desperately single men'. The men thought they were on the first men's boot camp; the women thought they were there for a womens' only experience.

To begin, Steve Ward put the pairs on speed dates with each other, with neither group knowing that the other was also a part of boot camp.

During the speed dates, the worst of the worst would be identified so Steve could decide who to work with. Steve noted the worst would rise to the top, which seemed to be true, which Christopher labeling himself a douchebag and gaining the nickname Mr. Peter Pan. Porsche came out as Miss High Maintenance. High-fashion daredevil Chris was given the name Mr. Me Myself and I. Wacky-acting Sariya, obsessed with her family curse, called Miss Cursed, is obsessed with the fact that she always gets cheated on and the next person her mate dates marries that partner. Paj dances for male reviews and his hyper focused on looks, earning him the name Mr. Superficial. Kyle (female) talked a lot about her long distance relationships, so she's called Miss Disconnected. Stu is a cheater, earning him the nickname Mister Player. Steve said he, a hockey player, needs help most of all. Judy is a widow who put up walls, and her nickname is Miss Shut Down. She, who has a six year old daughter, earned the final spot in boot camp.

The speed dating ended and Steve brought the girls into a room. He did the same with the guys. He then brought the guys into the girls' room. He gave out the nicknames and announced that only eight of the participants would be staying for Boot Camp.

Steve revealed the video reactions of the participants towards each other. Kyle seemed to take it hard - she thought she had a connection with some guys, but they were making fun of her.

Judy already started oversharing and telling everyone how she feels, and not in a positive way. She was blunt and her actions were described as tacky. In the confessional, right away, Judy said she'd have a problem with Porsche, and Judy also came off as loose when she talked to the guys. Sariya noted that it looked as if personalities in the house would clash, which is probably done intentionally by producers to make the show interesting to watch. I mean, the dating part is fun, but the drama is the best part.

Stu was shocked by the amount of clothes Chris has - he said Chris' stuff took up 90% of their space.

Steve met with Sariya to talk about her issues. Sariya said she and her dad have no relationship because of her tattoos and piercings, and she's not the daughter he wanted. Her whole life she's wanted his approval and she never got it. Steve said she's not looking at things the way she should be and he wants to work with her. Sariya seemed open to getting help from Steve.

Next was the group session. Steve said that whoever needs the most attention will get put in the hot seat. Steve asked Chris how many pairs of shoes he brought and he said 24. Steve said that was unacceptable and made him go get them. Steve told him to limit down to five pairs, including the one he's wearing. Steve backed up his choice by saying that the multiple pairs of shoes make it look like Chris only cares about himself.

Judy's tape was next and she was appalled by how she appeared to her housemates. She didn't realize how easy she sounded to the guys in the house.

Stu's tape showed him bragging about all the cheating he's done. He laughed after it was over. Steve asked if Stu was close to his father, and he said yes, before he died. Steve asked if Stu's dad would be proud of who he became, and Stu began to cry. Steve asked how Stu's mom held up after his dad's death, and he said she tries. Steve asked how he'd feel if someone hurt is his mom, and Stu didn't like that. He asked Stu to think about women the way he thinks about his mom being hurt - he shouldn't be the cause of women's pain.

Christopher was put on the hot seat, and when asked how he got there, he said because Steve put him there. Steve said he's a jackass. Christopher said he can be serious and he's not always a jackass. Steve wasn't buying that. Christopher maintained that he's funny but Steve said people are laughing at him, not with him. Steve warned that the women should not laugh at Christopher's antics or he'd kick them out. It seemed to hit Christopher at least a little bit when in the video confessional, none of the women said they'd date Christopher.

And with this, the first episode of Tough Love: Co-Ed was over. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season!

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