Monday, August 19, 2013

Props to Radar Online in the Demi Lovato Nude Photo Scandal

A source sent nude photographs of X Factor judge Demi Lovato to Radar Online, and to their credit, they decided not to publish them. And I give them a lot of credit.

Image from Seventeen Magazine
Radar Online could stand to bring in a ton of revenue from publishing nude photos of former Disney Channel star and pop sensation Demi Lovato, but they chose not to do so. I give them a lot of credit. Often, I want to sigh and say that celebrities shouldn't have secret photos on hackable devices, but with Demi, I have sympathy.

Why do I have sympathy? Because Demi Lovato has struggled with body image - a lot. And while many celebrities take photos out of vanity, I think Demi may have taken them to face her body image. I'm probably being naive, but I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt.

The reason I give Radar Online credit for not publishing the images is because I think someone behind the scenes knew it would destroy Demi's self esteem if the photos leaked. If I recall correctly, she suffered from eating disorders and other forms of self harm, and this has the capacity to push her over the edge. She's spent time in rehab to recover and shared her courageous journey with the public. These photos have the capacity to derail the great strides Demi has made.

So, Radar Online, I give you credit. Thank you for having a heart and refusing to publish the photos. I hope you receive lots of hits and revenue to your site, and gain credibility, for the wonderful thing you've done.

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