Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Catfish: Artis and Jess

I caught Sunday night's episode of Catfish, featuring Artis and Jess. Artis and Jess both claimed to be in relationships, and that much was true. But that's where the truth ended on Jess' part.

Artis and Jess' story was weird - they'd only spoken online, never via phone or video chat or anything. Artis was in a relationship but it was emotionally over - and Jess was, well, Justin. A guy. A guy, who when the guys met, got all up in Artis' face getting all angry about how Artis cheating on his girlfriend and how he's doing what he's doing in the name of morality.

Nev and Max went to meet with Justin after the Artis / Justin meetup to talk more. Rather than being completely angry this time like he was with Artis, he said it doesn't matter if everyone hates him and they can think what they want...and also that he was fascinated by how Artis could be so attracted to this unknown Jess - like a sociology experiment.

Nev and Max pried further into why Justin is doing what he's doing, and he dropped some info - he used to be homeless. His father died abruptly and he found the body, which left him nowhere to go and clearly scarred. He needed something to live for, and he found a girl to live for. We didn't get clarity on the situation with this girl, but after that he told Nev and Max they couldn't help him.

Maybe I'm too forgiving, but I felt bad for Justin. I don't think he initially started out with malicious intent when he was speaking to Artis. I think he's gone through a lot of terrible things in his life and is looking for something more in his life. Was he right in what he did? Absolutely not. And although he was completely unapologetic, I still think there's something more to him and I hope he breaks through it and can be happy. I understand being angry at life. Justin's got good reasons for his anger. I don't claim to understand his personal situation, but I can understand that he's had a tough life, and that anger can impact his actions. Still, what he did was wrong. Very, very wrong.

As for Artis, fortunately, he had a positive outcome. He and his girlfriend talked things through again and they began to improve. Which is awesome, considering they have kids together and deserve to be happy. And it would be great if Justin's negative intention turned into something positive - life's funny like that.

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