Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tough Love: Co-Ed Season Premiere

Tough Love is back...but with a twist. As usual, Steve Ward brought in eight women. But Steve also brought eight (in his words) 'desperately single men'. The men thought they were on the first men's boot camp; the women thought they were there for a womens' only experience.

To begin, Steve Ward put the pairs on speed dates with each other, with neither group knowing that the other was also a part of boot camp.

During the speed dates, the worst of the worst would be identified so Steve could decide who to work with. Steve noted the worst would rise to the top, which seemed to be true, which Christopher labeling himself a douchebag and gaining the nickname Mr. Peter Pan. Porsche came out as Miss High Maintenance. High-fashion daredevil Chris was given the name Mr. Me Myself and I. Wacky-acting Sariya, obsessed with her family curse, called Miss Cursed, is obsessed with the fact that she always gets cheated on and the next person her mate dates marries that partner. Paj dances for male reviews and his hyper focused on looks, earning him the name Mr. Superficial. Kyle (female) talked a lot about her long distance relationships, so she's called Miss Disconnected. Stu is a cheater, earning him the nickname Mister Player. Steve said he, a hockey player, needs help most of all. Judy is a widow who put up walls, and her nickname is Miss Shut Down. She, who has a six year old daughter, earned the final spot in boot camp.

The speed dating ended and Steve brought the girls into a room. He did the same with the guys. He then brought the guys into the girls' room. He gave out the nicknames and announced that only eight of the participants would be staying for Boot Camp.

Steve revealed the video reactions of the participants towards each other. Kyle seemed to take it hard - she thought she had a connection with some guys, but they were making fun of her.

Judy already started oversharing and telling everyone how she feels, and not in a positive way. She was blunt and her actions were described as tacky. In the confessional, right away, Judy said she'd have a problem with Porsche, and Judy also came off as loose when she talked to the guys. Sariya noted that it looked as if personalities in the house would clash, which is probably done intentionally by producers to make the show interesting to watch. I mean, the dating part is fun, but the drama is the best part.

Stu was shocked by the amount of clothes Chris has - he said Chris' stuff took up 90% of their space.

Steve met with Sariya to talk about her issues. Sariya said she and her dad have no relationship because of her tattoos and piercings, and she's not the daughter he wanted. Her whole life she's wanted his approval and she never got it. Steve said she's not looking at things the way she should be and he wants to work with her. Sariya seemed open to getting help from Steve.

Next was the group session. Steve said that whoever needs the most attention will get put in the hot seat. Steve asked Chris how many pairs of shoes he brought and he said 24. Steve said that was unacceptable and made him go get them. Steve told him to limit down to five pairs, including the one he's wearing. Steve backed up his choice by saying that the multiple pairs of shoes make it look like Chris only cares about himself.

Judy's tape was next and she was appalled by how she appeared to her housemates. She didn't realize how easy she sounded to the guys in the house.

Stu's tape showed him bragging about all the cheating he's done. He laughed after it was over. Steve asked if Stu was close to his father, and he said yes, before he died. Steve asked if Stu's dad would be proud of who he became, and Stu began to cry. Steve asked how Stu's mom held up after his dad's death, and he said she tries. Steve asked how he'd feel if someone hurt is his mom, and Stu didn't like that. He asked Stu to think about women the way he thinks about his mom being hurt - he shouldn't be the cause of women's pain.

Christopher was put on the hot seat, and when asked how he got there, he said because Steve put him there. Steve said he's a jackass. Christopher said he can be serious and he's not always a jackass. Steve wasn't buying that. Christopher maintained that he's funny but Steve said people are laughing at him, not with him. Steve warned that the women should not laugh at Christopher's antics or he'd kick them out. It seemed to hit Christopher at least a little bit when in the video confessional, none of the women said they'd date Christopher.

And with this, the first episode of Tough Love: Co-Ed was over. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Celebs and Non-Celebs Reflect on Miley Cyrus' VMA Performance

If you haven't seen Miley Cyrus' twerky performance at the VMAs, do yourself a favor and don't. I gave in after everyone posted on Facebook about it, and I can't unsee what I saw.

I get that Miley Cyrus is trying to prove she's an adult after her Hannah Montana past and rocky engagement, but twerking on Robin Thicke on the VMAs was probably not the way to do it if she wanted to come out in a positive light. First and foremost, her singing wasn't great, and secondly, her performance was just...appalling. Sure, MTV is aimed at teenagers and those who are older than teenagers, but I would bet at least a few younger siblings watched Miley's performance and equated it to the Hannah Montana they once loved, and parents can't be happy about that one. In fact, I read that Miley's dad Billy Ray Cyrus is involved with the PTC and is appalled by her daughters performance.

In any case, celebrities and non-celebrities have shared their opinions on Miley's performance, and here's what I'm reading:

Robin Thicke's wife, Paula Patton, was reportedly okay with the overtly sexual performance. It was originally reported that she freaked out, but later reports said that she's okay with it. I believe she probably did freak out but covered it up...and if she didn't freak, it's because she knows Robin's got no interest in Miley and this will likely raise Robin's star and income...which helps her out, too. It was also claimed that Paula saw rehearsals and was okay with the outcome because of that, but another report says that the rehearsals were way tamer than the real performance, which has Miley's team freaking out. This is referenced at

"Miley's team is freaking about that performance," the first insider admits. "They saw the rehearsals, but those were really played down compared to the live performance."

Us Magazine also told us how Robin feels about the performance, and I don't blame him. Blurred Lines was his first big hit, and Miley stole his moment in the sun:

"Robin thought it would be fun to include Miley, but he didn't realize how much she would overshadow him. This was his big night and big performance," one source tells Us of Thicke, who broke out in a big way this year with "Blurred Lines." Continued the source: "I don't think he would have done it knowing what it ended up like."
Kelly Clarkson, per, also threw some shade at Miley via Twitter: Just saw a couple performances from the VMA's last night. 2 words....

James Van Der Beek shared: Things I learned watching the #VMAs2013: There's nothing you can do with a foam finger that you can't air on MTV.

Gloria Loring, Robin Thicke's mom, is less than thrilled about Miley's performance and what she saw Miley do with her son. Per The Huffington Post:

"I just keep thinking of her mother and father watching this. Oh, Lord, have mercy. … I was not expecting her to be putting her butt that close to my son. The problem is now I can never 'unsee' it," she said. "Him? Loved it. I love that suit, the black and white suit. I don't understand what Miley Cyrus is trying to do. I just don't understand. I think she's misbegotten in this attempt of hers. And I think it was not beneficial."

Lisa Belkin of The Huffington Post hopes that Miley learned a lesson from her performance, and I hope so too.

I think the best reaction of all is from Will Smith and his family...their faces say it all. This image, from, shows the group simply gaping at Miley as she twerks as millions of people watched. This pretty much says it all.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom...Not Great News - Separation, Cheating, Drugs. Sorry, Khloe!

Khloe Kardashian is having a tough time these days with her husband, Lamar Odom.

If you've been following Kardashian news, which honestly, I haven't, but it kind of smacks you in the face no matter what, you're aware of the rumors swirling around Khloe Kardashian and her husband Lamar Odom.

First, rumors came out about Lamar Odom cheating on Khloe Kardashian. While Khloe reportedly remained faithful to Lamar, it's been said that he's had many affairs throughout their relationship, including a long term rendezvous. After this news broke, Khloe was spotted looking stressed and not wearing her wedding ring.

Next, news came out that the pair had separated, although this has been reported in the past and they've denied the allegations. However, the separation wasn't about Lamar's infidelity - it was about his drug use. Per TMZ regarding Lamar's time on the Dallas Mavericks:

We're told that during at least part of the time he was playing for the Mavs, Lamar was smoking Oxycontin and cocaine.

Odom's problems were so severe, he was cut from the Mavs mid-season and paid in full just so he would go away. 
It was stated that the pair separated but Khloe's not giving up on Lamar, even after he disappeared for 72 hours, possibly on a drug binge. She and Lamar arranged a secret meeting to discuss their relationship because Khloe doesn't want to give up on Lamar or their union.

I give Khloe a lot of credit for standing by her man. No woman (or person, for that matter), deserves to be treated badly, and standing by her man through cheating and drug use, especially in the public eye, must be tough. But Khloe, of all the Kardashians, knows what she wants and is willing to fight for it in the right way. And I believe she's doing the right thing by trying to save her marriage. Will she be able to do it? Maybe. Should she walk away if Lamar chooses drugs and infidelity over her? Also yes. But the fact that she still cares and wants to save Lamar and her relationship shows us that she's a strong woman who's willing to fight the good fight to make things work. While I'm not a Kardashian fan in general, I give Khloe credit for being a strong person who goes after what she wants.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Catfish: Artis and Jess

I caught Sunday night's episode of Catfish, featuring Artis and Jess. Artis and Jess both claimed to be in relationships, and that much was true. But that's where the truth ended on Jess' part.

Artis and Jess' story was weird - they'd only spoken online, never via phone or video chat or anything. Artis was in a relationship but it was emotionally over - and Jess was, well, Justin. A guy. A guy, who when the guys met, got all up in Artis' face getting all angry about how Artis cheating on his girlfriend and how he's doing what he's doing in the name of morality.

Nev and Max went to meet with Justin after the Artis / Justin meetup to talk more. Rather than being completely angry this time like he was with Artis, he said it doesn't matter if everyone hates him and they can think what they want...and also that he was fascinated by how Artis could be so attracted to this unknown Jess - like a sociology experiment.

Nev and Max pried further into why Justin is doing what he's doing, and he dropped some info - he used to be homeless. His father died abruptly and he found the body, which left him nowhere to go and clearly scarred. He needed something to live for, and he found a girl to live for. We didn't get clarity on the situation with this girl, but after that he told Nev and Max they couldn't help him.

Maybe I'm too forgiving, but I felt bad for Justin. I don't think he initially started out with malicious intent when he was speaking to Artis. I think he's gone through a lot of terrible things in his life and is looking for something more in his life. Was he right in what he did? Absolutely not. And although he was completely unapologetic, I still think there's something more to him and I hope he breaks through it and can be happy. I understand being angry at life. Justin's got good reasons for his anger. I don't claim to understand his personal situation, but I can understand that he's had a tough life, and that anger can impact his actions. Still, what he did was wrong. Very, very wrong.

As for Artis, fortunately, he had a positive outcome. He and his girlfriend talked things through again and they began to improve. Which is awesome, considering they have kids together and deserve to be happy. And it would be great if Justin's negative intention turned into something positive - life's funny like that.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Catfish - Jesse and Brian - A Whole Lot of WTF

I just finished watching tonight's episode of MTV's Catfish (8/20/13) with Jesse and Brian, and I'm left feeling somewhat less than fulfilled.

The show brought us Jesse, a blonde from Pennsylvania who wanted to meet Brian, a guy her friend Fran knew from being in the Armed Forces together. The whole scenario seemed sketchy - Brian had some arrest records that he never mentioned, he was divorced and didn't tell Jesse and his name isn't even really his name...although Catfish didn't really explain that part.

While we knew something was weird with the Brian situation, we didn't really know what. My first theory was that Fran was actually Brian in disguise, but I was definitely off on that one!

When Nev and Max took Jesse to meet Brian, they seemed pretty nervous. After all, past signs pointed to sketchiness - Brian wanting to meet Jesse at a truck stop, an arrest for carrying weapons of mass destruction...the whole thing didn't add up.

But when we met Brian, he was awesome! He explained his weapons arrest (which was never charged), explained that he'd suffered from PTSD and opened up about his past. I give him a lot of credit. The problem is that his history and Jesse's naivete seemed like a bad match. To paraphrase part of the show, my example of what happened is below.

Brian: (Tells the truth about his past.) Can you forgive me?
Jesse: I don't know.
Brian: I promise I'll be truthful.
Jesse: Okay!

Even after being highly skeptical of the pair, I really wanted them to work out. They met up, had some, um, alone time, and seemed really happy. Then, we had the end of the episode where they recap their actions since filming. Jesse had planned to move out to be with Brian but he got mad when she didn't do it soon enough (and I can't blame her for the delay, honestly), but when they talked and Brian said she still should, she went out there. Two days later they realized they weren't compatible and broke up. Jesse went back home.

WHAT? So, wait, Jesse drove across the country with Brian making no effort to go visit her in Pennsylvania, and after two days they realized they were incompatible? WHAT HAPPENED?!?!? Two days? What happened in two days? It must have been drastic because I can hardly imagine what can happen in two days, aside from Jesse revealing more lies from Brian, Brian's PTSD acting up and scaring Jesse or Jesse revealing something about herself that Brian didn't know. My guess is that Brian has anger issues or something from his PTSD that came up, because I hardly think something like Jesse being a bad cook or something could destroy a relationship in two days.

In the MTV after show clip, both people claim the other person wasn't who said they were. Brian claims Jesse made bad lifestyle decisions, and Jesse claims the problem was Brian's PTSD. I think there is validity to both of their statements - I'm sure the PTSD did cause Brian to lash out, but I wasn't the hugest fan of Jesse on the show - she seemed a bit naive and too forgiving, and, well...too youthful. Not quite prepared to move cross country and live the lifestyle that Brian was looking for.

Watch the after show clip and form your own opinion. Let me know what you think.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Props to Radar Online in the Demi Lovato Nude Photo Scandal

A source sent nude photographs of X Factor judge Demi Lovato to Radar Online, and to their credit, they decided not to publish them. And I give them a lot of credit.

Image from Seventeen Magazine
Radar Online could stand to bring in a ton of revenue from publishing nude photos of former Disney Channel star and pop sensation Demi Lovato, but they chose not to do so. I give them a lot of credit. Often, I want to sigh and say that celebrities shouldn't have secret photos on hackable devices, but with Demi, I have sympathy.

Why do I have sympathy? Because Demi Lovato has struggled with body image - a lot. And while many celebrities take photos out of vanity, I think Demi may have taken them to face her body image. I'm probably being naive, but I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt.

The reason I give Radar Online credit for not publishing the images is because I think someone behind the scenes knew it would destroy Demi's self esteem if the photos leaked. If I recall correctly, she suffered from eating disorders and other forms of self harm, and this has the capacity to push her over the edge. She's spent time in rehab to recover and shared her courageous journey with the public. These photos have the capacity to derail the great strides Demi has made.

So, Radar Online, I give you credit. Thank you for having a heart and refusing to publish the photos. I hope you receive lots of hits and revenue to your site, and gain credibility, for the wonderful thing you've done.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Princesses: Long Island Season Finale - Loving Chanel, Not Loving Ashlee

Princesses: Long Island closed out its first season tonight, and I hate to say it, but I lost a lot of respect for Ashlee.

First and foremost, I give Chanel so much credit for bringing all of the girls together to facilitate forgiveness. That was tough, considering that there was sure to be some kind of drama (and there was), but she took the chance. She genuinely wanted piece among her friends.

Before the girls threw bread into the lake, everyone, including Joey, gave their apologies. I had been more on Ashlee's side than Joey's in the past, I have to give Joey the win on this one. Joey openly apologized regarding her situation with Ashlee, even thought it was hard for her. Ashlee, on the other hand, had more trouble apologizing.

Ashlee did eventually apologize...sort of. Before she did, she made Amanda apologize to her for 'abandoning' her at the winery, and she told the girls how grateful she is for her wonderful life. Her apology to Joey was half-hearted, at best. And when everyone threw their sins (the bread) in the lake, per Jewish tradition, Ashlee said she was thankful for her life, rather than talking about her apologies.

All season, I've really liked Ashlee. And I want to continue liking Ashlee. But this episode made it pretty tough. I realize she's gone through a lot in her life, including a recent major illness (a stroke), but part of life is realizing when you're wrong - and I don't think Ashlee's able to do that at this point.