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Sister Wives: Season Premiere 7/21/13

Sister Wives is back, and as this season began, we took a look back at the Sister Wives family leaving Utah two years ago - and we also get some foreshadowing about the turmoil that's been haunting the family, including the struggles of being separated into different areas of Las Vegas.

The older kids let us know the feelings they have about being in the rentals - namely, that it's unsettling and the rentals don't feel like homes.

The Brown family went through a walkthrough of their new houses. (If you recall, the Browns were trying to buy four houses on a cul-de-sac so they could all be together.) There were walls up already in Robyn's home, and of course, already problems, as one of Robyn's windows was incorrect and it would cost money to fix it. Also, Christine had an open doorway where she should have had a solid wall, although that ended up being a happy mistake, as she'd make that room into a library. The family doubted that the homes would be done by their goal in two months from the time of filming - a Christmas deadline.

The adults of the Brown family had a meeting about their jewelry line, My Sister Wife's Closet, because their internet sales were low. The family had planned to go to a trade show, but it seemed like many of the participants had timing conflicts. Meri had limited time to go to the show so Kody said she shouldn't go, but Robyn insisted that she go to help push products. The goal of the trade show, at least for Jenelle, was to see the income potential of this company, or whether she should be focusing her efforts elsewhere. Robyn wanted to put more into this business and felt like some people weren't fully invested - which Kody agreed with, even going as far to say that he doesn't even like working on it. Ultimately, it seemed as if everyone except Robyn wanted this to be a hobby business, not a primary source of income.

As the family traveled to their destination in St. George, Utah, Robyn was nervous. She revealed that she was in her old hometown, where she often see negative news about the FLDS church, and how in school her teachers would say negative things about polygamists. She was uncomfortable about being in an area with such a negative view of polygamy.

When the trade show opened, the room became swamped with people. A woman came by the booth and got excited about buying a lot of jewelry...and ended up buying nothing. At the end of day one, only seven pieces of jewelry had been sold, most likely due in part to their high prices as compared to other booths at the expo. Other issues were the long stories associated with each piece of jewelry and the public's disdain for the polygamist lifestyle. (The whole expo created only 19 sales - not great!)

Meri addressed that it was Solomon's first birthday, which means it had been a year since Robyn made her offer of surrogacy. She'd have to address it soon. Meri did talk to Robyn, and she said she felt guilty if she doesn't take Robyn up on her offer. Robyn didn't want her want to feel guilty, of course. Meri reviewed her options: in vitro, surrogacy, or not have a kid. At the end of the conversation, tears were shed, but no decision was made.

Janelle addressed the fact that she sees the tight bond between Robyn and Meri, and how she wants a part of that, but it requires a lot of work.

Solomon's birthday was celebrated next and each person made a wish for Solomon's future. Some were funny, like Solomon being rich, and another wish was for him to be happy with his future wives. That one was funny for me, not so much for them, primarily because it shows the adults' desire for the kids to continue the polygamist lifestyle.

The episode closed out with more talk of wanting to get the family's prospective homes in the cul-de-sac...and the differences in the family members' lives once they all lived together again.

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