Sunday, July 21, 2013

Princesses: Long Island - What Do You Think of Joey?

When I watch Princesses: Long Island, I have strong opinions on a lot of the show's stars. One person that I'm a bit torn about is Joey. I just can't decide how to feel.

At first, I liked Joey. As a non-rich girl, I can relate to her more than the others. (I mean, who in the real world can go $5,000 shoe shopping whenever we want?) But then when she made a joke out of speed dating, I lost respect for her. It's as if she wasn't even willing to try, even though none of the men outwardly met her standards. Then her actions at Amanda's party didn't reflect well, but that probably came from a place of pain.

I have to give Joey a pass, in a way, because of her dad. Sure, it can be frustrating that Joey lives at home in her late 20s, but her dad seems to really want her out of the house, even if it means giving up on her dreams. It seems like all Joey wants is his approval and that's the one thing she can't obtain.

Thoughts? What do you think of Joey? What do you think of the others?

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