Sunday, July 28, 2013

Erica Gimbel: Easily Manipulated?

Ashlee White brought up an interesting point on Princesses: Long Island this week - that Erica Gimbel is easily manipulated.

I'm not saying I necessarily agree or disagree with Ashlee, but it was interesting how this came up. If you recall in previous episodes, Joey Lauren and Ashlee had some issues. Then Joey talked to Erica about the problems and if I recall correctly, Erica did actively participate in a discussion with Joey about Ashlee.

In order to set the record straight, Ashlee had Erica come over to let her know that she'd always defend her and let her know the stunts that Joey is pulling. And in this conversation, Ashlee told Erica that she can be easily manipulated and she doesn't want Joey to do that to her - but isn't she doing the exact same thing? I do believe Ashlee's actions are somewhat pure - to defend herself and keep Erica out of trouble - but there is natural selfishness and manipulation behind her words as well.

In the confessional later, Erica said Ashlee's words gave her a new perspective on the Joey situation, which showed that she was affected by it, if not a bit manipulated. So is Erica easily manipulated...and was she by Ashlee?

That being said, later in the episode, both Ashlee and Joey called each other evil regarding a shared social situation. Then they started attacking each other during the social situation. The pair has a lot more in common than either of them realizes - they're fighting exactly the same way towards each other.

Of course, this comes down to Erica, in part, manipulating both Ashlee and Joey by sharing Ashlee's text message with Joey. And Erica insists that none of this is her fault...and unfortunately, she is a significant part of it. As far as Erica instantly taking Amanda and Joey's side as friends when Ashlee ran away and Chanel followed her, I can understand it in the moment, but I hope she realizes that she can't fault Ashlee for leaving the uncomfortable situation.

Just my two cents.

On a random note, does Jeff and Amanda's relationship border on ridiculously creepy? Their PDA and over the top behavior in front of their parents is, well, scary! In a way, I respect that they're so into each other and willing to show it, but it's definitely a foreign concept to me to act like that. Jeff's parents seem okay with it, though, so it's probably a cultural thing that I don't understand.

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