Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Catfish: Jen and Skylar...or Should We Say Jen and Bryan

Did anyone catch last night's episode of MTV's Catfish? Wow, Bryan's a jerk.

If you watched last night's episode of Catfish, you saw 18 year old Jen fall for a guy named "Skylar", a 22 year old student at San Francisco State University. As it turns out, Skylar was actually a guy named Bryan who seems rather, well, confused. He was a student, as he claimed, but that's about all that was true.

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Bryan's deal was that he pretended to be Skylar to build up his game with girls (although he said he never tried his game on Jennifer), at least per his initial excuse. In his post show interview at, his excuse varies - he says he used a fake name because it's not safe to use your real name on the internet. Valid, sure, but also BS at a certain point...and he's 22 years old, for goodness sake - he should know when he should be honest.

The scary part about Bryan is how dead he seemed on the show and in his post show interview. He didn't even really try to defend himself - he just made up a bunch of excuses about how he never cared about Jen (I'm not sure how much I believe it), about not using his real name for personal safety and how he's using the show as a way out of his online relationships. It certainly doesn't paint a pretty picture, and it's a true warning story about how the internet can be very untruthful.

Bryan even claims that he's upset with Jennifer for using Catfish to find her 15 minutes of fame. OMG!

Shame, Bryan, shame.

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