Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Reality Show Reviews: Pregnant and Dating, Marriage Boot Camp & I'm Married To A...

Recently, I took the time to check out a couple of dating / relationship type shows.

First, I checked out Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas. This show is on WeTV, and features the marriages of couples formerly featured on Bridezillas. It's reminiscent of VH1's Couples Therapy, minus the celebrity (if you can even call many of the couples of Couples Therapy famous, anyway). This show was alright. It's a fun watch if you have time on your hands. The authenticity and truth behind it, well, I'm doubting there's much of it, as I'm sure a lot of the drama is being turned on for the cameras. Would I call this a favorite show? No. But it's a good watch if you have some ice cream and can catch a marathon.

Next, I watched I'm Married To A.., a show on VH1. This was by far my favorite show of the three I watched. It features couples in which one of the partners has a unique characteristic. For example:
- One person was a transsexual cam girl.
- One person was a quadriplegic.
- One people were part of a plural marriage (think Sister Wives, and yes, this guy's hair is just as strange as Kody Brown's) - and also the women are strippers.
- One person was a dominatrix.

The best part about this show is how well the human interest stories are played out. In the case of the quadriplegic man and his wife, we got to watch as they found out that they would, in fact, be able to have children. It was wonderful to see their joy. In another story, the 'event' wasn't as strong (telling the husband's daughter that his new wife was a dominatrix), but we really wanted to care about the couple. And in the case of the cam girl...well, you should just watch that episode...they have quite a story!

This, in my opinion, is a great show, sort of in the vein of I'm Pregnant And..., which I also enjoy.

Third was Pregnant and Dating on WeTV. This was boring. Straight up boring. One woman went on a date and asked a guy if he'd ever date a pregnant woman without revealing that she was pregnant. He wasn't into it and she decided not to schedule a second date. Sorry, Pregnant and Dating, I'm just not feeling it.

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