Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reality Review: What We Love, What We Don't.

I watched an episode of I'm Married To A... which drove me up a wall. The situation was that a guy, Ian, had been dating his girlfriend, Victoria, for five years. After Victoria's twin sister, Amanda, went through some tough relationships, Victoria decided she didn't want her to be hurt again and asked her to join their relationship. So Victoria became Ian's primary girlfriend and Amanda became the secondary. The situation seemed to work on the surface (the girls both, um, had relations with Ian but not each other) but there were clearly underlying issues that had to be addressed. First, the group told their parents about their love situation and they were not happy. The twins' parents, especially, were horrified and it said this would never work and it was wrong.

The trio moved into a Hoboken apartment, giving Amanda her own room, with Victoria and Ian sharing theirs. This worked fine during the episode, but I can't imagine this being sustainable, especially because Victoria wanted to marry Ian...and still have him keep Amanda as a girlfriend. But what about inevitable jealousy? What about wanting to have kids? What if Amanda wants kids - could Ian really father kids with both twins? I'm happy for anyone who lives their life in a moral and ethical way, but I truly can't see this working as a long term solution because the girls were already crying a lot during the episode. When questioned about how she'd feel if Ian and Victoria married, Amanda cried. Victoria cried on a few occasions too. Do I think plural marriages / relationships can work? Yeah. But I also think when existing families are involved, it can get sticky...and these people are young, so they have a lot of life to experience.

I also watched the season premiere of I'm Having Their Baby. I love this show. The premise of the show is that a woman is having a baby that she plans to give up for adoption, essentially, having a baby for someone else. In the premiere, we saw a woman who was set on giving up her baby decide to keep her. She'd picked a couple to give the baby to, and when she expressed doubt about going through with the adoption, the couple backed away, leaving her questioning her choice. Fortunately, she and her boyfriend ended up happy with their decision to keep their child.

The other couple was divided on giving up their baby - the boyfriend wanted to keep him, as he'd be his first son, and the girlfriend wanted to give the baby up for adoption to have a better life. This couple did give their baby up for adoption.

Princesses: Long Island was great! It's trashy TV at its best. I loved the dynamic of the Jewish girls looking for husbands, and I couldn't get over how Erica Gimbel seemed to have slept with everyone's boyfriend...and the grudges left from 10+ year old flings. My recommendation? DVR a few episodes of this show, grab some popcorn and bring over some friends...and sit down for a Princesses marathon.

Couples Therapy was intense. The show features several couples, but most notable were Joe Francis (of Girls Gone Wild fame) and his girlfriend, and Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra from Teen Mom. Catelynn and Tyler seem to be pretty much still in turmoil, despite their long term relationship - but they are young and have been through a lot, so I guess it makes sense. I am grateful that Teen Mom counterpart Farrah Abraham didn't manage to scrounge up a fake boyfriend to be cast on this show...if you recall, she did try. Oh, and Flavor Flav is on the show! That's pretty awesome! His relationship has some major issues - he was already in a relationship when he did Flavor of Love!

Right off the bat, Flavor Flav caused drama with Catelynn and Tyler, telling them that they took a gift away from their child by taking away her parents. Oh, goodness. Sure, Carly (their daughter) will have questions...but she will have a great, stable life with her adoptive parents, and because her parents were on Teen Mom, she'll see how much her parents struggled with the decision to give her a better life.

There was lots of other drama...and I'm sure we'll see more in the episodes to come.

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