Monday, June 24, 2013

Princesses: Long Island - Offensive or Funny?

Some members of the Jewish community are not thrilled with Bravo's reality series Princesses: Long Island. Why? Because they say it negatively reinforces stereotypes about Jewish women.

While one critic of the show isn't calling for a cancellation of Princesses, he does suggest that it includes a disclaimer stating that the show is not, in fact, real or representative of all Jewish young women.

Another critic says the show disrespects the Sabbath, which should be about religion, not drinks and arguments...but I think all realistic people understand that.

Others are critical of the show for another reason - the impression it gives of Long Island. Not only does it portray the island's residents as spoiled rotten, but it gives a bad impression of Freeport, which one of the show's participants called "ghetto". (To many of us, it looks like a normal neighborhood, but I guess when you're born with a silver spoon, your reality is a bit skewed.)

My opinion? The negative reaction is to be expected, like it was with Jersey Shore and the Italian-American community. I don't think it increases antisemitism, though...although it may make us a little resentful of all rich, spoiled brats, regardless of their background.

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