Sunday, June 16, 2013

Princesses: Long Island - The Casey Cohen / Erica Gimbel Drama

What do you all think about the Casey Cohen / Erica Gimbel madness on Princesses: Long Island?

If you haven't been watching Bravo's latest reality madness, Princesses: Long Island chronicles the lives of unmarried Jewish young women living in Long Island.

While the show has plenty of drama, one particular plot point is the feud between longtime rivals Casey Cohen and Erica Gimbel. When Casey was in high school, Erica stole her boyfriend because she wanted to sleep with him, and ended up ruining Casey's prom.

Casey and Erica managed to avoid each other until recently, when they found themselves at a shared event in the Hamptons. While Erica was over the whole high school event, Casey was still holding onto it because her father had also cheated on her mother, so she couldn't move past her trust issues.

To start, Erica was acting out at the event, and Casey went off on her. The pair tried to talk, and while Erica cried and apologized, Casey confided that Erica's issues have consistently impacted her since they occurred. At this point, I gave Erica a lot of credit for truly apologizing. However, when Erica rejoined the dinner table, she sounded like she was being sarcastic about the whole thing.

More madness ensued, and eventually Erica had too much to drink and acted out again. At this point, Casey seemed to find some kind of clarity and said maybe she'd come into Erica's life at this point to help her, like to bring her to an AA meeting.

My thoughts on the situation? Casey does need to let go of the past, but I don't blame her for being angry at Erica. Yes, ten years have passed, but she never got resolution for what happened. She needed an apology - a sincere one - to move past what occurred. And when Erica started to fall apart in front of everyone, Casey got her resolution, even if it wasn't in the form of an apology - she realized that Erica has some issues to work through, and she shouldn't take what was done to her personally - it was one of Erica's ways of acting out.

I also don't entirely blame Erica. The girl probably was raised to believe that if she wants something, she should have it and she's entitled to it. Her emotional issues now are probably stemming from some childhood's not easy to get over! I do believe she genuinely is a good person, but she needs to work past a few things in order to live more successfully and be more emotionally grounded.

What do you think?

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