Sunday, June 2, 2013

Discovery's Naked and Afraid: It's a New Concept!

Discovery Channel will be bringing us a new show on June 23rd, in which couples are left in the wilderness, you guessed it, naked and afraid.


The new series will take a pair of male and female strangers each week, strip them down naked, leave them stranded in a remote area of the world, and force them to endure extreme weather conditions with no food, water or clothes over the course of 21 days. 

Sounds...interesting? There must be items that the pairs can use as clothes, otherwise the whole show would be a blur of blacked out boxes (they certainly can't show us that kind of thing on regular cable!), but other than that, the concept sounds interesting. We'll be meeting new people each week, so as long as they're all interesting, this should be a pretty cool show.

One participant had this to say of her time on the show:

“I’m an ultimate survivalist,” said the show’s star, Kellie Nightlinger, 38, who was starving after two weeks in the wild when she cooked up a scheme to use her ladyparts as bait to catch fish between her legs at a muddy watering hole.
That is certainly dedication, that's for sure!

Discovery must be having an attachment to nudity-related shows, because they also have Naked Castaway coming up, which tracks a naked man who has to survive on a deserted island near Fiji.

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