Monday, May 27, 2013

Reality TV News For The Week - MTV Version

Dear society: we have reinforced the fact that creating a sex tape will in fact help the fame of a fledgling reality star. Shouldn't we stop doing that? Apparently, the answer is no, if you're referring to Farrah Abraham and Spinboi Films. Farrah's signed on for a development deal with the film company for her own reality show. I'm not exactly sure what she'll do on the show, considering that we've already seen her everyday life and her sex tape (well, I haven't seen the tape, but you know what I mean), and she's already very exposed. I guess Spinboi has an idea, though, and we'll see what happens!

Also in Teen Mom news, Kailyn Lowry celebrated her baby shower, despite previously having played dumb about her pregnancy after news leaked. This is her second child, and her first with husband Javi Marroquin. I hope this marriage brings her success and happiness, and she and Javi raise the two kids in a happy home.

Teen Mom 3 is starting off with a level of maturity before it even airs (sarcasm). The girls began their rise to fame by mocking Farrah Abraham's crying face (which is fair, but not a great way to start a favorable public opinion) and using the word "gurlz" instead of "girls", showing that they've focused on their maturity as moms. (Sarcasm, again.) The cast, consisting of Alex Sekella, Mackenzie Douthit, Briana DeJesus and Katie Yeager, will air in August. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on these girls. But I am tired of MTV making money off teen pregnancies. Sure, the girls are signing off on their participation and taking home a bunch of money (and so is MTV), but can we consider the effects on the children - and the teens - in the long run when they're growing up on TV? I feel like fame certainly didn't help Jenelle Evans or some of the others, while only Catelyn Lowell really used her situation to help others off screen. I hope these girls use this opportunity to truly show the struggles of teen pregnancy to help others, although it must be tough considering that MTV is now on its third set of Teen Moms, so the dynamic of the show (and the authenticity) has to change now that others have already gone through it. There is value behind this premise as long as it's done properly. Let's hope MTV is up to the challenge.

The Parents Television Council, which has a problem with literally everything ever, has a problem yet again. This time it has to do with Ke$ha drinking her own urine on TV. While I think the PTC needs to relax and change the channel (which they clearly don't do because they're watching TV waiting for something indecent to happen), I do agree with one thing that they say - people should be able to choose which television stations they subscribe to. I don't agree that it's for reasons of human decency, but I think it's for pricing reasons. I get a zillion and a half channels of TV that I don't watch...and about 20 channels that I do watch. If it would be cheaper to only subscribe to certain channels, I'd be down with that. I don't think that will ever happen, though, because it would block people from branching out into new channels and therefore decrease potential advertising revenue...and somehow cable companies would find a way to charge you more for less channels. Seriously, though, PTC, set some parental controls on your TV and get over it.

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