Sunday, April 28, 2013

Want Rob Kardashian Branded Socks? Buy Them Now Or Miss Out!

Arthur George By Rob Kardashian, Rob Kardashian's line of socks, may be off the shelves soon.

These are socks for grown men. For real.
According to RadarOnline, Rob Kardashian's overpriced socks, sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus, are hardly flying off the shelves. When they are, they're often being bought as gag gifts.

At $30 a pair, I don't blame buyers from staying away from these Kardashian-branded atrocities, considering that the line features 3D cube prints, camo patterns and ballerina silhouettes. Unless you're looking for socks to make a major statement about you, and not necessarily a good one, you probably want to avoid this sock line.

As someone who wears socks as feet coverings, not fashion statements, I'm shocked that anyone is willing to shell out $30 for a clothing item that you shove in your shoes. Although I guess the failure of this sock line proves that many people share my point of view on this matter. Plus, a quick Amazon search brings up similar, non-Arthur George branded socks for a fraction of the price. If you really need fancy socks, pay less. Then, if you get a hole in them, you didn't throw $30 down the Kardashian-funded drain.

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