Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pregnant & Dating: A New Show / 16 and Pregnant-Related Drama

WE TV has embarked on an interesting concept with the show Pregnant and Dating. The show, set to premiere June 1st, will feature pregnant women who are out in the dating world. That's right, women who got pregnant by one person but are looking for love with another. Initially, I was really turned off by this show, thinking that it's a bit ridiculous, but it is a thing that happens, and if it exists, it can be made into a show.

Proving that pregnancy shows don't always keep it classy, Jenelle Evans of 16 and Pregnant / Teen Mom 2 was kicked out of Courtland Rogers' mom's house after being arrested for heroin possession. To be fair, I'm surprised she was just kicked out, considering that she's had Courtland arrested before, and considering the pair's volatile relationship.

These kinds of shows (both good and bad) are creating a culture that a baby can be a meal ticket for a family...this is not a positive thing!

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