Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Food Network Star returns with fresh talent & intense challenges

Food Network Star will return to the viewers for the ninth time this summer, June 2nd, with fresh contestants, new challenges, and one person who will be getting his or her own show on Food Network. As that's exactly what Food Network Star is about, finding the one person who will be awarded his own show. The mentors for the ninth season are Bobby Flay, Alton Brown and Giada De Laurentiis.

Compared to previous seasons this time there will also be couple of new twists. The fans of Food Network will have their say on the performances of the contestants and one eliminated finalist will also be brought back for a second chance.

Viewers will be able to give their votes to their favorites online as well as over phone to help determine the winner of the ninth season.

This year the finalists are Nikki from New York, Andres from Waynesville, Rodney from Baltimore, Chris from Cleveland, Connie from Los Angeles, Russell from San Francisco, Danuska from New York, Daniela from Haleiwa, Viet from Salt Lake City, Damaris from Louisville, Stacey from San Diego and Chad from Ambler. All of them will have to take part of different challenges each episode. Including but not limited to cooking for Food Network's executives, convincing the judges why they are the best by filming a pitch tape and much more.

Food Network Star finale is set to air August 11.

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