Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bet On Your Baby...The Newest Way to Get Your Kid on TV

Bet On Your Baby is another example of how low reality TV has hit. On this show, which is sponsored by Walmart, parents bet on the outcome of a task their kid completes. If they're correct, they win some money for their kid's college fund. For example, a mom was asked whether her child would recognize 7 or less, or 8 or more, food items in 60 seconds. (In this case, she said 8 or more, and the kid got 7.) summarizes the show as follows:

Here's how it works: the set is split between a game show studio with a live audience and an ingeniously surveilled playroom called the Babydome. Inside the playroom the child competitors, ages two to three-and-a-half, are challenged by one parent to perform a simple task such as stacking cookies or turning in circles as a stopwatch winds down. The action plays out on a vast screen in the game show studio, where the second parent bets on the number of cookies or turns the child will complete before time runs out. The audience cheers the action with almost violent enthusiasm.

The show is mildly entertaining, and somehow, a bit stressful when you really want the kids to succeed and you realize that they won't.

This show is definitely family friendly, and is a good option for parents to watch with their kids. The flaw is that I can't imagine anyone staying interested in this show for more than ten minutes. Host Melissa Peterman is awesome and the kids are adorable, but the show lacks anything that holds your attention.

The worst part is how sponsored this show is. We're constantly reminded that Luvs diapers and Walmart are the sponsors...and told that items seen on the show are available at purchase at Walmart. You know, because your kids don't already get enough influence from television commercials.

Is this show worth it? Not really. But it's cute if you're flipping channels and are looking for something extremely mindless.

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