Sunday, April 28, 2013

Want Rob Kardashian Branded Socks? Buy Them Now Or Miss Out!

Arthur George By Rob Kardashian, Rob Kardashian's line of socks, may be off the shelves soon.

These are socks for grown men. For real.
According to RadarOnline, Rob Kardashian's overpriced socks, sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus, are hardly flying off the shelves. When they are, they're often being bought as gag gifts.

At $30 a pair, I don't blame buyers from staying away from these Kardashian-branded atrocities, considering that the line features 3D cube prints, camo patterns and ballerina silhouettes. Unless you're looking for socks to make a major statement about you, and not necessarily a good one, you probably want to avoid this sock line.

As someone who wears socks as feet coverings, not fashion statements, I'm shocked that anyone is willing to shell out $30 for a clothing item that you shove in your shoes. Although I guess the failure of this sock line proves that many people share my point of view on this matter. Plus, a quick Amazon search brings up similar, non-Arthur George branded socks for a fraction of the price. If you really need fancy socks, pay less. Then, if you get a hole in them, you didn't throw $30 down the Kardashian-funded drain.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pregnant & Dating: A New Show / 16 and Pregnant-Related Drama

WE TV has embarked on an interesting concept with the show Pregnant and Dating. The show, set to premiere June 1st, will feature pregnant women who are out in the dating world. That's right, women who got pregnant by one person but are looking for love with another. Initially, I was really turned off by this show, thinking that it's a bit ridiculous, but it is a thing that happens, and if it exists, it can be made into a show.

Proving that pregnancy shows don't always keep it classy, Jenelle Evans of 16 and Pregnant / Teen Mom 2 was kicked out of Courtland Rogers' mom's house after being arrested for heroin possession. To be fair, I'm surprised she was just kicked out, considering that she's had Courtland arrested before, and considering the pair's volatile relationship.

These kinds of shows (both good and bad) are creating a culture that a baby can be a meal ticket for a family...this is not a positive thing!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Don't Miss Out: Firmoo Free Offer

Get these glasses free!
Hello everyone! I am excited to share the amazing news that Firmoo is giving out FREE glasses for you. Why is this exciting? Well, free is always awesome, but beyond that, I found myself looking at glasses today at the outlet mall. And at this outlet mall, on clearance, sunglasses were still upwards of $200. Seriously? On clearance? I turned around and left the store, thinking, I am so buying from Firmoo instead.

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Furthermore, if you are a first time customer at Firmoo, you can also get your first pair free. Just pay shipping and call it a day. If you're a repeat customer and can't snag a free pair, you sdon't have to be discouraged because they have another limited time offer which will save you 20% off on frames and the total shipping fee.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Food Network Star returns with fresh talent & intense challenges

Food Network Star will return to the viewers for the ninth time this summer, June 2nd, with fresh contestants, new challenges, and one person who will be getting his or her own show on Food Network. As that's exactly what Food Network Star is about, finding the one person who will be awarded his own show. The mentors for the ninth season are Bobby Flay, Alton Brown and Giada De Laurentiis.

Compared to previous seasons this time there will also be couple of new twists. The fans of Food Network will have their say on the performances of the contestants and one eliminated finalist will also be brought back for a second chance.

Viewers will be able to give their votes to their favorites online as well as over phone to help determine the winner of the ninth season.

This year the finalists are Nikki from New York, Andres from Waynesville, Rodney from Baltimore, Chris from Cleveland, Connie from Los Angeles, Russell from San Francisco, Danuska from New York, Daniela from Haleiwa, Viet from Salt Lake City, Damaris from Louisville, Stacey from San Diego and Chad from Ambler. All of them will have to take part of different challenges each episode. Including but not limited to cooking for Food Network's executives, convincing the judges why they are the best by filming a pitch tape and much more.

Food Network Star finale is set to air August 11.

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding: A Gay Couple Marries

I would never say that My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding is a positive thing for American Gypsies. It, along with Gypsy Sisters, paints a pretty nasty picture of fighting, excessive spending and unsuccessful relationships. However, the show tackled an awesome topic today - the marriage of two gay Gypsies. Why is this awesome? It shows us another side of Gypsy culture - maybe not one that the mainstream Gypsies want us to see, but definitely a positive one.

In Huntsville, Alabama, couple Romanichal Tommy and Roma Ivan planned to marry. Their goal was to convince their culture to accept same sex couples.

Unfortunately, both men moved away from their homes and families because they were bullied for being gay. Yet now, they're sharing their stories in order to help others, even if it gets them even more ostracized from their Gypsy communities. (They currently live among non-Gypsies because they weren't accepted by their communities.)

Tommy planned a surprise for his future husband - he called dressmaker Sondra Celli to make suits for the couple to wear to the wedding.

Ivan took a leap and told his brother Benny that he's getting married. His brother knew he was gay but didn't know about the marriage. Unfortunately, Benny couldn't handle the news and told Ivan he couldn't accept the marriage. Next, Ivan talked to his niece Heather. Fortunately, she was supportive and said she'd be attending the wedding. Third, Ivan tried talking to his mom. Unfortunately, she wouldn't show up and sent Ivan's sister in her talk Ivan out of the wedding. She hit some very low blows - she even tried to say Tommy would walk out on him. Sad, very sad.

When Ivan did talk to his mom, it did not go well - she screamed at Ivan about how he shamed her. It was awful. Tommy had a similar fate - he went to see his family and they wouldn't even answer their door for him. His brother did the same thing.

Later, Tommy's mom went against her husband's wishes and reached out to meet her son. Although she didn't approve of her son's union, she said she'd attend his wedding. In other good news, Sondra Celli delivered the pair's outfits herself so she could attend the wedding.

Tommy's bother took the family's car away from the house in order to prevent Tommy's mom from attending the wedding. In response, Tommy picked up his mom in the limo, and he got an amazing surprise when he got to her - three of his sisters, among others, were there to go to the wedding. While in the limo, Tommy 'officially' came out to his family. It was so emotional.

While Ivan's family didn't attend the wedding, Tommy's family treated Ivan as one of their own, and he was very grateful.

At the end, we were told why this couple shared their story: they wanted the other gay Gypsies to know that it's okay to be gay and they shouldn't be ashamed. They should be strong and proud, and they shouldn't have to hide.

We also met Angelina and Chad. When Gypsy Angelina married Gorger Chad, she was outcast from the community. The pair were Christening their daughter, Bella Rose, and trying to reconnect with Angelina's Gypsy family so Bella Rose can have ties to her roots.

Angelina planned a big Christening, complete with Gypsy outfits, to try to find her way back into her community. Unfortunately, things started out badly - Angelina was terribly disappointed by her brother, who refused to come to the Christening and be the Godfather for her daughter. Sadly, only Chad's stepfather and Angelina's dad were in attendance at the church ceremony. And nobody came to the Christening party. It was so, so sad. Because of this, the family decided to move to Florida, where Chad is from - there was no reason to stay in Georgia, which was full of disappointment for the couple.

The other story was Pat Baby and his wife, LuAnn, who had a great relationship until Pat Baby fell into a deep depression and turned to drugs. The pair divorced. LuAnn realized that she needed a job, and because she quit school in sixth grade, she didn't have a lot of skills or ways to make money. Sadly, because of the divorce and the Gypsies' tradition of taking a man's side, LuAnn and daughter Priscilla found themselves being outcasted from the community.

LuAnn, who was staying with her mom, picked up Pat Baby from jail (he was there for drug charges) and give him a place to stay. Pat Baby, in jail, realized the err of his ways and began to improve his life and win his wife back. The problem? LuAnn's mom Karen wouldn't accept Pat Baby, and without her permission, LuAnn wouldn't be able to remarry Pat Baby.  To ask for forgiveness, Pat Baby bought his mother-in-law a blingy ring and got on his knees to apologize. He also proposed again to LuAnn. The pair remarried and were happy to do so.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bet On Your Baby...The Newest Way to Get Your Kid on TV

Bet On Your Baby is another example of how low reality TV has hit. On this show, which is sponsored by Walmart, parents bet on the outcome of a task their kid completes. If they're correct, they win some money for their kid's college fund. For example, a mom was asked whether her child would recognize 7 or less, or 8 or more, food items in 60 seconds. (In this case, she said 8 or more, and the kid got 7.) summarizes the show as follows:

Here's how it works: the set is split between a game show studio with a live audience and an ingeniously surveilled playroom called the Babydome. Inside the playroom the child competitors, ages two to three-and-a-half, are challenged by one parent to perform a simple task such as stacking cookies or turning in circles as a stopwatch winds down. The action plays out on a vast screen in the game show studio, where the second parent bets on the number of cookies or turns the child will complete before time runs out. The audience cheers the action with almost violent enthusiasm.

The show is mildly entertaining, and somehow, a bit stressful when you really want the kids to succeed and you realize that they won't.

This show is definitely family friendly, and is a good option for parents to watch with their kids. The flaw is that I can't imagine anyone staying interested in this show for more than ten minutes. Host Melissa Peterman is awesome and the kids are adorable, but the show lacks anything that holds your attention.

The worst part is how sponsored this show is. We're constantly reminded that Luvs diapers and Walmart are the sponsors...and told that items seen on the show are available at purchase at Walmart. You know, because your kids don't already get enough influence from television commercials.

Is this show worth it? Not really. But it's cute if you're flipping channels and are looking for something extremely mindless.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape? Super Shady!

Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom fame filmed a professional sex tape with porn star James Deen...and wanted to leak it as an "oops"...but it didn't quite work out.

Reportedly, Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham and porn and Canyons star James Deen wanted to film a sex tape and pretend it got leaked accidentally, but a few things went wrong:
  • Farrah planned the sex tape. So, first and foremost, pretending a sex tape got leaked when it was intentional isn't the most brilliant idea. Although it could have been Kris Jenner / Kim Kardashian's plan and it did work for them.
  • Farrah and Deen were seen holding hands at Vivid Entertainment's studios. You know, where they filmed their 'accidental' sex tape.
  • Farrah made an 'accidental' sex tape with a porn star. Aren't sex tapes usually amateur? Wouldn't porn stars save their talent for the screen? (Reportedly, Deen actually did - Vivid approached him to participate in this obviously staged porn.)
  • Farrah is still denying this tape exists. While we all enjoy a good denial when there's plausible deniability, Farrah was seen at the porn studio with her co-star. I'm not sure what she thinks people would believe she was doing there, especially because James Deen strongly denies that the pair are dating or anything.
In any case, this is a clearly classy move on Farrah's part. I guess now that the Teen Mom paychecks are gone, she needs another source of income. She'd done some modeling and stuff, but I guess that wasn't enough? I'm not exactly sure that Farrah's sending the right message to pregnant teenagers everywhere, which is something along the lines of, "Heeeyyy I got pregnant in high school, then I got famous on MTV and now I have a sex tape, a DUI and tons of plastic surgery. AWESOME!!!!"

The best part of all of this is the quote from Farrah's mom, Debra Danielson:

Per Daily Mail: Debra told TMZ: 'My daughter has never expressed interest in things like that,' referring to the alleged sex tape.

 OBVIOUSLY!!!! What daughter sits down with her mom and is like, "Mom, I think I want to make a sex tape!" Seriously, Debra, do you really think Farrah would've sat down with you before making this decision and asked for your support. Ugh, let's be realistic!

I would guess this isn't the last weird thing we'll be seeing from Ms. Abraham. Looking forward to the next crazy event!

Update: Farrah admits that she made this sex tape to document how she looks at the best time of her life, and wants to shop it around for a few million dollars. Wow, just wow.