Monday, March 18, 2013

Things I Love This Week (Including Zaggora!)

This post is somewhat off topic, but I need to share some things that I love this week.

First and foremost, I love Zaggora! Have you heard of Zaggora? This brand sells clothing that helps you lose extra weight while you exercise. Simply wearing Zaggora clothing helps you burn more calories while you work out, and that is absolutely awesome. The clothes look and feel great, and they helped me lose several inches during the two week Zaggora challenge. (The goal is to wear Zaggora clothing while you work out for two weeks. At the end, you'll see wonderful results - I know I did!) The company keeps coming out with new clothing, and I absolutely cannot wait for their new Viva HotPants - they're perfect for Zumba class! Also, the HotTops are perfect for dance lessons - they look like everyday workout tops but really take the weight off! Want 10% off your Zaggora purchase? Use code SLIEB for a discount at checkout.

A couple quick notes about Zaggora:
  • Zaggora's Celu-Lite Technology™ is a patent pending, multi-layer fabric technology that harnesses the body’s natural heat during exercise to help you burn more calories. (Per
  • A study listed on found that exercising in Zaggora Hotwear can lead to a statistically significant increase in energy expenditure as compared to standard exercise clothing: 6% on average and up to 18% depending on fitness level.
  • Keeping your Zaggora clothing on for half an hour after you work out can help you lose even more weight, even though you're no longer active.
  • The Full Body Blazer is by far my favorite Zaggora clothing item, although I love them all. It's great to wear for exercise or everyday wear. I wear out on walks, at the diner, to hang out, etc. It's a healthier alternative to regular hoodies, and it looks great.
  • I wore Zaggora for only a few weeks and dropped from a size Large to a Medium in Zaggora clothing. I'm thrilled!
  • Don't like shorts? Don't worry about it! The HotPants shorts fit perfectly under yoga pants, or stand well on their own. They have enough length that it doesn't feel like you're wearing short shorts. As someone who never wears shorts, I'm even comfortable in the HotPants!

I loved last night's episode of Gypsy Sisters on TLC. One thing's for sure - Nettie Stanley is out of control. All season, I gave her credit as the strong matriarch of her family, but in this episode, it became completely evident that she's a control freak who just can't let go. Mellie Stanley called a lawyer to get info about her father, and she allowed Nettie to meet with her and the lawyer. Immediately, Nettie left a message for Mellie's father, even though Mellie seemed skeptical. I initially blamed only Mellie's mom's absence for Mellie's actions, but now I think it may have to do with breaking away from Nettie's control.

Even better than this episode of Gypsy Sisters is the fact that My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding is back next week. So excited!!!

Last night's episode of All Star Celebrity Apprentice was too crazy not to love. Well, sort of. LaToya Jackson was the project manager for her team. She and Omarosa butted heads pretty much from the first minute of the challenge. After battling for the entire episode, LaToya decided not to take her to the boardroom to be fired. Everyone, Donald Trump included, was floored. Because of her mistake (and the fact that the others she brought back didn't deserve to go home), LaToya was kicked off The Celebrity Apprentice. The worst part is that if she brought Omarosa back, Omarosa probably would have been the one to go, per Donald Trump. Ugh, bad choice, LaToya!

Lindsay Lohan was glitter bombed as she walked towards the court house for her trial! No, nothing dangerous happened - someone just threw glitter at her as she walked in. This isn't a huge deal, but it's funny that someone planned to wait for her to arrive (she was late) just to throw glitter as she walked in.

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