Sunday, March 17, 2013

Random News From The Week

Hoping to see Kailyn Lowry wearing a big, white wedding dress? It looks like you'll have to wait a bit longer. Although she and Javi Marroquin were already married at a courthouse, the pair planned to celebrate their nuptials with a big ceremony. Unfortunately, monetary issues got in the way and the pair had to postpone their plans. Lowry, who recently shared the news that she's bipolar, plans to wait a whole year before hosting the ceremony.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth broke up. Is this surprising? Not at all. This site gives us a bunch of reasons why it didn't work, but I think it skips a major issue - Miley's age. The star, born in 1992, is young! In my opinion, she was way too young to make a commitment to marriage, especially considering that she seemed to still be trying to find herself. (Hello, punk rock makeover!) During her youth, she transformed into a star, then broke away from the Hannah Montana image, and then found herself in a serious relationship. How about some time for Miley to find out who Miley is? As sad as it is to see her relationship end, it's probably for the best.

More surprising is the Ryan Seacrest / Julianne Hough breakup. While the publicly stated reason makes a lot of sense (Ryan's just too busy with work), I'm not sure that's the whole story. My guess would be that Ryan wanted marriage and kids in the near future, and Julianne balked at the idea. The girl's got a great career ahead of her, and she wasn't ready to become a housewife while Ryan traveled all the time for work.

Kim Kardashian was surprised to find out that pregnancy isn't easy. My first reaction to this is "duh", but her surprise is because her mom and sister seemed to have easy pregnancies, so she expected the same. I'll give her that one. I've also read that Kanye West hasn't been around, though, and that's a bit more surprising. After all, he's been with Kim quite often, dictating her actions, clothing and choices - and all of a sudden he's been away for a few days. Strange! Is there trouble in paradise? I guess we'll know if they put all of their new houses up for sale!

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