Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Preachers' Daughters: Series Premiere

Preachers' Daughters premiered today on Lifetime. It was certainly interesting!

We first met Kolby Koloff, daughter of not one but two preachers. She acknowledged that many preachers' kids are worse than non-religious kids, presumably because they're acting out. Her father, Nikita, at first seemed pretty threatening - he's a former wrestler and now a preacher. This theory was dispelled when during the episode, Kolby had to address the idea of dating with her dad, and he was pretty cool about it. Unfortunately for Kolby, her mom seemed much less cool about Kolby dating, and she insisted on final say in the matter. (Her parents are divorced.)

Next we met Taylor Coleman. This girl was awesome - she was a straight up party girl. Her father, Ken Coleman, is the preacher of the family. When Taylor said she wanted to date (and she's 17), her dad was not having it. Ken admitted that he made mistakes with his other kids, so he's keeping an especially tight leash on Taylor. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working because she definitely makes out with her bad boy ex in the first episode.

Perry Family // From MyLifetime.com
Next up was Olivia Perry, whose father is a pastor. Olivia had a rough past - drugs and pregnancy. When she got pregnant, she debated getting an abortion, but her father made it clear that it wasn't an option. In this episode, Olivia admitted to her sisters that she isn't sure of the father of her baby...and then had to tell her parents.

Preachers' Daughters is already sparking controversy among viewers. While some preachers' daughters say that this show is great because it shows the true struggle of preachers' children, others are concerned that this show could turn people away from the gospel (I disagree) and that it doesn't portray a child who isn't rebelling against her religious upbringing. (This is a valid argument, I guess, but nobody really wants to watch a goody two shoes doing her homework and studying the bible!)

Do I think this show is worth watching? Yes, at least for a few episodes. I'm not sure it has the staying power of Dance Moms, but it's definitely good for at least one or two seasons. It's just Lifetime's style - controversial, unique and a reality show. I think they've hit reality gold, at least for a little while.

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