Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding; Accept Your Future Daughter-in-Law Because She Accepted Her Fiance's Cheating?!?

I watched My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding tonight, and while many episodes have been messed up, this one is insane.

The premise of one of the stories on tonight's episode is that Gorger Courtney was marrying Gypsy Danny, and Danny's mom Gail was completely opposed to their marriage because Courtney's a Gorger.

Gail made it her plan to stop the wedding, so she ensured that her son's bachelor party take place at a strip club to encourage Danny to cheat. It worked, and Danny spent the night with a stripper. Danny's mom made sure Courtney and her family found out about the incident.

Then the families had an altercation, and Danny stood back and let Courtney get arrested for the domestic dispute.

Courtney, against her family's wishes, later decided to marry Danny despite everything. At this point, her mother in law finally accepted her. If this makes you say "WHAT?" I'm completely with you. You know why Gail finally accepted her? Because Courtney stood by Danny after his cheating, and that proved that she truly loved him. And as she told Courtney as she prepared for the wedding, a woman has to stand by her Gypsy man no matter what, even if she disagrees with what he does.

WHAT? WHAT? Seriously, what kind of human sensibility is that? Gail disliked Courtney and sabotaged her wedding to her son until she stood by his cheating, because that's what a woman should do?!? UGH!!! Don't get me wrong - I can't completely blame Gail here. After all:
  • Danny took his mom's bait and cheated on his fiancee.
  • Danny stood by and let Courtney get arrested.
  • Courtney forgave Danny and decided on her own to marry him.
Still, though, Gail's involvement, and then change of heart for the reasons she chose is pretty messed up.

At the end of the episode, mother in law Gail was thrilled that she'd still won in a way, even after approving the wedding, because Courtney's family boycotted the event. Ugh, despicable.

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