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Celebrity Apprentice All Stars Season Premiere: March 2, 2013

Celebrity Apprentice is back! This time, our fan favorites (and Donald Trump's favorites) are back to win the ultimate prize: the title of All Star Celebrity Apprentice!

This season features:
Basketball player Dennis Rodman
Actress Lisa Rinna
Rock star Bret Michaels (Previous winner!)
Model Claudia Jordan
Illusionist Penn Jillette
Country star Trace Adkins
Playmate Brande Roderick
Rapper Lil Jon
Apprentice star Omarosa
Actor Stephen Baldwin
Rock star Dee Snider
Actress Marilu Henner
Actor Gary Busey
Entertainer LaToya Jackson

The season opened with Donald Trump meeting the contestants at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to raise money for their charities. He asked each contestant why they were there, among other questions.

Stephen said for his mom.
Claudia said to raise money for her charity because she didn't last time.
Penn said opportunities....I think.
Brandi said she's here for severely abused kids.
Marilu didn't discuss her reason but discussed her last firing.
Dennis said he's here to redeem himself.
Trace said he never gave Donald anything last time and wouldn't again.
Gary was asked how he thought he'd do and I think he said he'd do well but I'm not sure.
Lisa was complimented on her lips being smaller.
Bret was asked why he'd come back even after winning last time he participated. He said he lives in the here and now. Donald thought it was a bad idea, but Bret disagreed because he supports his charity.

Instead of splitting the teams into men and women, Donald Trump pulled Bret Michaels and Trace Adkins up front to pick members for their teams. They were chosen because they had won and been the runner up, respectively, in their seasons.

Trace chose:
Penn Jillette
Dee Snider
Marilu Henner
Stephen Baldwin
Lisa Rinna
Gary Busey

Bret chose:
Omarosa (for her evil energy!)
Lil Jon
Brande Roderick (at Omarosa's advice for her charitable work)
LaToya Jackson
Claudia Jordan
Dennis Rodman

Bret Michaels' team noted that they've got all the black people (their words, not mine) and the other team looks like the Republican convention. They named themselves Power, and Trace's team called themselves Plan B.

The teams had to pick leaders. Trace Adkins was chosen right off the bat for his team because of his connection to T. Boone Pickens. Bret was initially picked for his team but Brande begged to be the leader because she's motivated to raising money for her charity. Omarosa instantly had negative things to say about Bret giving in, and I don't blame her - Bret has to stick up for himself, especially as the previous winner.

Donald Trump introduced the members of his judging panel: Piers Morgan and his daughter, Ivanka Trump. He then asked Bret Michaels why he wasn't leading his team in this challenge, and he said his team decided Brandi had the power to win. Omarosa was asked her opinion, and Omarosa said it was a dumb decision. Then Omarosa and Piers Morgan went head to head in an argument, which was not surprising given their past issues.

The first challenge was announced, and each team had to make meatballs and sell them. They'd have to take their signature recipe to the Kelly and Michael show, and the meatball that was chosen as best would get a bonus added to their total.

At this point, Bret realized his mistake in not leading the challenge. Well, realized may the wrong word - it may be a good thing after all, but Omarosa's words clearly got into his head. When the team prepared the meatballs, Dennis Rodman was the odd man out until Claudia Jordan pulled him in to assist.

On Trace's team, Trace didn't seem to care much about the meatballs themselves, and Lisa Rinna fought for using her husband's recipe. Stephen Baldwin let us know that he's holding back some of his fundraising resources because he may need them when he's project manager.

The Kelly and Michael show was next. Lil Jon and Bret Michaels represented team Power, and Penn Jillette and Marilu Jenner represented Plan B. Power had a veggie meatball, which Kelly loved because she's a vegetarian in 'real life', although she has to eat meat on TV.

While Power thrived, Plan B, who posted on the windows that they're closed for a private event, had no one when their store opened. Gary Busey went outside to attract people and Trace was unhappy - apparently he only wanted celebrities. I guess his theory worked because later, celebrities started coming in and donating big money.

Piers Morgan stopped by Plan B's meatball shop. Trace wasn't thrilled about this, so he told Gary to distract him...and that he did! When Piers visited Brande at the Power team, he wasn't impressed with Brande because she didn't know the exact income or number of meatballs made. To add to the negativity towards Brandi, one of her big donors didn't show up, which is negative considering she insisted on being project manager because of her fundraising abilities.

The Boardroom

Dennis Rodman was asked if he thought Brande Roderick did a better job than Bret Michaels would have done as project manager. He said yes. While he did throw Bret under the bus by saying this, he backed it up in a positive way towards Brandi, not a negative one towards Bret.

Omarosa was a real, um...not nice person. She said that Bret screwed Brande by not strongly fundraising for her during her challenge. When asked if that's true, Brande said Bret didn't raise a ton of money, but he did have contributors and offered great energy.

Penn was asked what he thought about Trace as a leader, and he was very positive. He backed up Trace's decision to not open up their store to the public because members of the public could encourage celebrities not to show up. Penn said it was not a decision he would have made but it was a braver one than he would have made.

Trace was asked who the worst player was, and he said it was Stephen Baldwin because he didn't contribute. Stephen admitted that he didn't contribute because he's saving resources for his turn as project manager. He said fundraising isn't a strength of his, and Piers Morgan called him out - he asked why he didn't turn to his brothers. At this point, Stephen's at a major risk of getting fired if his team loses.

Team Power won the Kelly and Michael challenge, which added $20,000 to their total.

Additionally, more money was raised during this challenge than any other Apprentice opening episode.

Brande's team raised $230,533, plus the $20,000. It was exciting, but Brande had to bring everyone down by saying she thought it was more.

Plan B raised $419,539. I guess his plan to keep his restaurant celebrity-only worked, even with meatballs that weren't as good!

Brande was asked if she was at fault for her team losing. She said no - it was the fault of those who contributed the least. She was asked who they were and she tried to defer to Omarosa, who shot her down. Omarosa said she should know and it wasn't her responsibility to share that information. Brande got attacked by the panel for not knowing, and she blamed her teammates for lying to her about the money.

Then Bret and Omarosa had a conflict, but this isn't shocking - Omarosa will start a conflict with any person, animal, or inanimate object if she's given the chance.

Argument around this continued for a while with Omarosa trying to talk herself up and saying that Bret didn't contribute much. Each person named what they brought in, which couldn't be true because the total of their individual contributions was more than the total. Then Omarosa tried to recap all of the numbers, yet even her recap couldn't match the true total.

Brande was asked who to bring back for possible elimination, and she said LaToya and Bret because they raised the least. Piers made a good point, asking why Brande trusted Omarosa's numbers when they don't reflect the true total.

When Bret, LaToya and Brande were alone in the room, Brande asked Bret not to be mad. He said he wasn't, but warned that Omarosa will just chew up whoever's next up on her hit list. My opinion? Brande should have sent Omarosa to the room for elimination, not Bret. She owes Bret for giving her a chance as project manager, and she screwed him over. And Omarosa should go for trying to screw Brande and her teammates over. Shame, Brande, shame.

Brande was interrogated in the board room as to why she brought Bret back (because he raised the least, per Omarosa), why she brought LaToya back (bringing in a low amount of money), and why she didn't bring in Omarosa (who was cashier to be controlling and lied to her). LaToya was asked who should be fired, and she said Brande. Brande said LaToya should be fired because she raised the least, and LaToya pointed out that that's hearsay, not truth. When asked why she didn't bring Omarosa back, Brande said it's because Donald loves her and wouldn't fire her. (Bad excuse, Brande!)

The decision of who to fire was tough because Brande raised a ton of money, but failed as a team leader. And Donald questioned why Bret would come back after winning The Celebrity Apprentice. He stood by the fact that it was a dumb decision. And to prove his point, he fired Bret, right off the bat.

And with that, Bret went from being a Celebrity Apprentice winner to the first All Star to be kicked off the show.

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