Thursday, March 7, 2013

Celebrities & star chefs - the new Season of Chopped All-Stars

Food Network's Chopped All-Stars will be back with the new season on April 7th. For the first time, among the ranks of competitors, will also be celebrities. Or as Food Network's General Manager Bob Tuschman said, "Chopped All-Stars raises the stakes of our popular franchise by pitting fiercely competitive food stars, and for the first time, celebrities, against each other. These stars use their culinary prowess to battle it out for their charities and bragging rights for winning this all-star competition."

All together the season will be five episodes long and each of the episodes will be featuring head-to-head cooking competitions. The season premiere will be showing us the cooking skills (or lack of them) of Food Network chefs and Cooking Channel chefs who will be going against each other. The next episode will be offering the viewer the cooking battles between Mega Chefs, after that it's time for Chopped judges, and then it's all-in time for the celebrities. Once the final survivors have been established, the season finale will be taking place on Sunday, May 5th at 9pm ET/PT. 

Each week the contestants have only limited time to create delectable courses with the ingredients they find inside the mystery basket. The winner of the show will get all the fame and the title of All-Stars Champion. The winner's charity will receive $50 000. 

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