Sunday, March 17, 2013

All Star Celebrity Apprentice: 3/17/13

Despite the firings of the rock stars (my favorites) in the first two episodes, I continued watching The Celebrity Apprentice.

This week's challenge was to help Crystal Light launch their new customizable liquid flavored products. The challenge was to create a 5-minute soap opera and perform it in front of an audience. Soap stars Jack Wagner and Susan Lucci were brought in, each to mentor a team.

The project managers for this round were LaToya Jackson and Stephen Baldwin. The project manager for the winning team would receive a total of $50,000 for his or her charity.

Stephen Baldwin ensured that his team (Plan B) was on top of the brand and the company's goals - he asked about Crystal Light, their goal and what his team was charged to represent.

On LaToya's team (Power), Omarosa started problems because she felt that the non-acting role she was assigned was menial. She also decided that the theme should be The Real Housewives and tried very hard to step on LaToya's toes. The team ended up thinking of typical soap opera lines and themes.

Lil Jon had a great idea - every time a particular sound played, the audience would have to take a sip of Crystal Light. That created audience participation and drew people in - great idea!

Omarosa caused trouble, and LaToya told her to be quiet. Omarosa was having none of it. She told LaToya she was being disrespectful, and LaToya shot back and asked Omarosa who the most disrespectful person in the room is. The argument escalated as the other team members observed. In the end, it's hard to say if one or the other won the argument, but the team members had LaToya's back.

Omarosa got her way and went shopping, instead of staying in the planning room to help, like LaToya had wanted. In her vindictive way, she called LaToya for approval on every single thing. Why? Because if anyone doesn't like the items she bought, she can say that she got approval before purchasing anything.

At this point, Team Power found out that Jack Wagner was their celebrity assistant and Plan B was getting Susan Lucci.

Next, Plan B gave Arsenio Hall, the boardroom advisor, a rundown of their plan: more Crystal Light Liquid equals more romance. Interesting concept!

A whole lot of drama and time-fillers later (this is a two hour episode, after all!) the teams performed their soap operas.

Claudia Jordan began her team's play by explaining the fact that whenever the audience heard a specific foreboding sound, they had to take a drink of Crystal Light. Then, Brande Roderick began the play in character by talking about how much she loves customizing her Crystal Light, and naming both of the flavors. Her doorbell rang, and in walked her father's character. Then, Claudia walked in wearing the same dress as Brande and they argued.

The father said that he'd been saved from multiple accidents from Crystal Light. LaToya Jackson's character named the Crystal Light flavors but got one of the names wrong.

In the end, Omarosa wasn't in the skit (after all of her whining and arguing about how she's an actress), but it was probably for the best - the sketch was funny, and it probably wouldn't have been as good if Omarosa was acting in it.

Penn Jillette opened the second sketch, calling it "Crystal Guiding Days of our Lights" and announced and described the Crystal Light product. He noted that the amount of Crystal Light he was using would dictate the amount of romance in the scene. Very creative!

Lisa Rinna opened the episode, and Trace Adkins came in saying he's a computer repair guy. It was awkward...on purpose. Then more Crystal Light was added, and Trace came back as a sexy pool boy. Then each character's respective lover came in, then saw the other lover, and fell for them. The third sketch brought Trace Adkins in a Crystal Light Liquid shirt. Susan Lucci walked in wearing a fancy dress. Trace picked her up and carried her out. It was great!

In the boardroom, LaToya Jackson immediately called Omarosa out for not participating. Omarosa said she had to leave to deal with a personal issue. The pair went back and forth a bit longer...typical Omarosa BS.

Some players on Stephen Baldwin's team were asked who the weakest player is, and Gary Busey was called out as the weakest player by everyone asked. While Gary disagreed, he was called out as doing the least. He contended that he did everything he was asked. However, that doesn't mean he went above and beyond like some of the others.

In the end, Stephen Baldwin's team took the victory.

After a lot of debate with Omarosa at the center of it, LaToya was asked who she'd take to the boardroom. She did NOT name Omarosa. She named Dennis Rodman and Brande. (Clearly, she was afraid of Omarosa.) She had her reasons, I guess, but they certainly didn't make sense!

In the end, Donald Trump told LaToya she made a mistake for not bringing back Omarosa, who he probably would have fired, and instead, he fired LaToya. I think he made the right decision. And that was the end of this week's adventure.

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