Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding; Accept Your Future Daughter-in-Law Because She Accepted Her Fiance's Cheating?!?

I watched My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding tonight, and while many episodes have been messed up, this one is insane.

The premise of one of the stories on tonight's episode is that Gorger Courtney was marrying Gypsy Danny, and Danny's mom Gail was completely opposed to their marriage because Courtney's a Gorger.

Gail made it her plan to stop the wedding, so she ensured that her son's bachelor party take place at a strip club to encourage Danny to cheat. It worked, and Danny spent the night with a stripper. Danny's mom made sure Courtney and her family found out about the incident.

Then the families had an altercation, and Danny stood back and let Courtney get arrested for the domestic dispute.

Courtney, against her family's wishes, later decided to marry Danny despite everything. At this point, her mother in law finally accepted her. If this makes you say "WHAT?" I'm completely with you. You know why Gail finally accepted her? Because Courtney stood by Danny after his cheating, and that proved that she truly loved him. And as she told Courtney as she prepared for the wedding, a woman has to stand by her Gypsy man no matter what, even if she disagrees with what he does.

WHAT? WHAT? Seriously, what kind of human sensibility is that? Gail disliked Courtney and sabotaged her wedding to her son until she stood by his cheating, because that's what a woman should do?!? UGH!!! Don't get me wrong - I can't completely blame Gail here. After all:
  • Danny took his mom's bait and cheated on his fiancee.
  • Danny stood by and let Courtney get arrested.
  • Courtney forgave Danny and decided on her own to marry him.
Still, though, Gail's involvement, and then change of heart for the reasons she chose is pretty messed up.

At the end of the episode, mother in law Gail was thrilled that she'd still won in a way, even after approving the wedding, because Courtney's family boycotted the event. Ugh, despicable.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding: Season Premiere

The show opened by explaining the two main types of Gypsies in the US: Roma, from Romania, and Romanichal, from England in the 1800s.

Pete & Amber

In this episode, a pair of Gypsies from each culture got engaged, but this is stickier than it sounds. Amber, 17, the Romanichal girl, and her fiance Pete, 23, had problems before their marriage even began - the groom's family didn't approve of the marriage, and Amber's family refused to comply with Roma traditions, like taking a dowry for the marriage. Additionally, Amber went with a big wedding dress like she wanted, even though big dresses are not part of the Roma tradition. And her dress was big - the train was half the size of a football field!

Amber's family did agree to one Roma ritual - a ceremony where the bride's hand is asked in marriage. Because the dowry was denied, Pete's family refused to attend. During this ceremony, Pete asked for Amber's hand in marriage, he gives her a ring and a coin necklace (or so it seemed) and drank the wine. Amber's mom, Sugar, asked Pete what is his intentions are and made it clear that he better never lay a hand on her, which is important given the fact that we've heard of abuse in Gypsy culture.

Trouble continued at the wedding rehearsal - Pete's family didn't show up...or so he thought. At the last minute, Pete's mom showed up.

The day of the wedding didn't go smoothly either for Amber - her dress was missing a hook. Pete's day went better - he got ready and completed the tradition called "the knocking", in which Pete knocks on his bride's door to get her for the wedding. As tradition states, each other woman came out first, until the bride finally stepped out to meet her groom. Then, the groom's mom spun her around three times for luck.

Apparently the luck didn't stick, as Amber found gum in the train of her dress, and the train actually disconnected from the dress as she walked down the aisle. And Pete's mom was the only person in Pete's family to show up for the wedding.

Amber's family planned to make some calls to get Pete's family to attend the wedding reception, and it worked. Pete's sisters showed up, despite their dad's wishes. A wedding tradition is for the groom to dance with his sisters, and he forgot. So the sisters got drunk and angry. They called their brothers, who showed up, and Amber's cousin got jumped. The cops were called. After all was said and done, Amber said, "F*** your family, I'm your wife now," which apparently didn't have a negative effect because we were left with the couple being lovey-dovey before sharing their first night together.

The Jeffrey Family

The other featured family were Romanichal Gypsies that live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The family, the Jeffrey family, were dad Curtis, mom Mary, daughter Mary, son Beau and daughter Cassie. (I'm guessing on some spellings, please forgive any mistakes.) Cassie participates in beauty pageants against non-Gypsies in order to build work ethic, according to her dad. Grandma (called Meemaw) creates all of Cassie's outfits. The whole family attends the pageants and wears their coin jewelry for good luck.

We learned that in Romanichal culture, certain animals' names can not be spoken - specifically monkeys - because they're a bad omen. The family won't even say the word monkey.

Because they don't want their daughter changing clothes in front of others, they created a private, portable dressing room to bring to pageants. This theory wasn't accepted by all kids and parents - they seemed to think socializing with the other kids was important, whereas the Jeffrey family was more interested in winning. (And Cassie did win, by the way!)

Pastor Anthony

Next, we met Pastor Anthony, who lives in South Chicago, Illinois who told us that 9 out of 10 Gypsies are going to hell because of their crooked businesses. He said he, like many others, had scammy businesses, and he and his wife used to even scam together. Eventually they were convinced of crimes and repented. Anthony is afraid that his son David (who was about to turn 15) will take his life in a negative direction, and hopes to find a good wife for him before he meets a negative person. Anthony and wife Gina talked to their son about the fact that they'd like to set him up with a girl, pay the dowry, and introduce the pair right before their wedding. David wasn't interested in that - he wanted to meet a girl on his own. If that was the case, Anthony would have to approve of her. At David's 15th birthday party, mom Gina actually pushed girls away from David because they didn't want the girls to think a proposal was coming when it wasn't.

And that was it for episode one of this season of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. It's sure to be an interesting season!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Are You Ready To Embrace The Upcoming Summer?

While you all know me as (primarily) a reality TV blogger, there are a few things I love just as much:

- Fashion...I'm all about creating a style all my own, which typically includes a unique yet sensible style for everyday wear. It also incorporates glasses. 99% of the time, I wear glasses. I have multiple pairs, both regular and sunglasses, all set to make a statement. Thin rimmed glasses? Not for me. I want my glasses to tell people who I am.
- Great deals. I love to find great deals on things, whether it's via couponing (which I love), online sale sites, discount retailers or anything else.
- general! While I'm mostly into reality TV blogging, there are other topics that need to be addressed, and because this is my blog, I'm going to do it.

In this article, we'll address all three of the loves I list above. I'm here to tell you about, the world's most popular online eyeglass store. Firmoo has tons of glasses choices at awesome prices, and they embrace their fans and bloggers. Firmoo loves their bloggers so much that the company is inviting bloggers to review their products for free. If you're a blogger and want to score a free pair of glasses, visit this site: and apply!

Anyway, I'm on the hunt for some awesome summer sunglasses. And because of this, I turned to While I did that, I came across some great fashion (and summer safety) tips.

Are you ready to say goodbye to the cold of winter and embrace the sunny days of summer? We all know sunglasses have conventionally been the ideal tool to prevent UV radiation and annoying glare in the sunny season, but they're so much more than that. They're a fashion trend. And we think wraparound sunglasses for their better protection from UV rays might take the crown as as the favorable sunglass style this summer ( Wear glasses full time? No worries. Get the prescription version of whatever you choose and rock your sunglasses all day long (


Don't know where to get affordable, awesome sunglasses? Let me solve that for you. Firmoo ( should be one of your better choices, because they are offering sunglasses with high quality but at wholesale price. They've got the latest styles, designs and trends all ready to go. Check out some of their choices in the surrounding images - you'll see all the great stuff they have to offer.
PS: All the photos above are from Firmoo+ (, the World’s Number 1 Eyewear Styling Community which focuses on the styling of eyewear and clothes, accessories, etc.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Splash: The Latest In the "Celebrities Can Do Stuff" Competition Series

Tonight brought us the new ABC reality show, Splash, in which some celebrities (and sort of celebrities) get their fifteen additional minutes of fame by diving into a pool. I guess it takes skill and stuff, but as of the opening credits, I'm not convinced about this show.

The celebrities are:
Katherine Webb, Miss Alabama
Louie Anderson, Comedian
Nicole Eggert, Actress - Charles in Charge & Baywatch
Drake Bell, Actor - Drake and Josh
Kendra Wilkinson, Reality star - Girls Next Door
Rory Bushfield, Skier
Ndamukong Suh, NFL player
Keshia Knight Pulliam, Actress - Cosby Show
Chuy Bravo, Reality star - Chelsea Lately
Kareem Abdul Jabar, NBA player (who got a LOT of applause from the audience)

Joey Lawrence and Charissa Thompson were hosts.

The judges David Boudia and Steve Foley.

The premise of the show is that celebrities will compete and will be eliminated until only one diver remains. During the first episode, we'd see five divers. The lowest scoring (based on live audience and judges' votes) two would engage in a dive off, and that would determine who was kicked off the show.

Keshia Knight Pulliam dove first. There was a whole lot of build up leading to it. Then, she dove, and it was over. She stood on her hands on the board and landed in the water toes first. She was given scores of 6 and 6 from each judge.

Louie Anderson was second. He talked about all he'd overcome, then went up on the diving board. Instead of diving, he insisted on going up to a higher board - which he did. His dive looked like he was falling forward, with his hands coming out above his head as he fell. He got a 7 and a 7.5.

Katherine Webb was third. After a nervous moment, she stood backwards and did a somersault. She earned a 7 and a 6.5.

Rory Bushfield followed. To me, who knows nothing about diving, he looked awesome. He did a bunch of flips - awesome. He got 7.5 and an 8.5.

Last was Kareem Abdul Jabar. The show discussed that diving is tough for tall people. He did a spin and faceplanted. He got 7.5 and 7 as scores, despite that.

At this point, Katherine and Keshia were the bottom two, but the audience votes hadn't yet been included. Turns out it didn't matter because those two remained in the bottom two after the audience vote.

Katherine dove first. Keshia was second. Both were good, but in my opinion, Keshia's was a little bit better. However, Katherine chose a higher platform. David, the first judge, saved Katherine. Steve saved Katherine as well. And with that, Keshia Knight Pulliam was the first celebrity to be kicked off of Splash.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Things I Love This Week (Including Zaggora!)

This post is somewhat off topic, but I need to share some things that I love this week.

First and foremost, I love Zaggora! Have you heard of Zaggora? This brand sells clothing that helps you lose extra weight while you exercise. Simply wearing Zaggora clothing helps you burn more calories while you work out, and that is absolutely awesome. The clothes look and feel great, and they helped me lose several inches during the two week Zaggora challenge. (The goal is to wear Zaggora clothing while you work out for two weeks. At the end, you'll see wonderful results - I know I did!) The company keeps coming out with new clothing, and I absolutely cannot wait for their new Viva HotPants - they're perfect for Zumba class! Also, the HotTops are perfect for dance lessons - they look like everyday workout tops but really take the weight off! Want 10% off your Zaggora purchase? Use code SLIEB for a discount at checkout.

A couple quick notes about Zaggora:
  • Zaggora's Celu-Lite Technology™ is a patent pending, multi-layer fabric technology that harnesses the body’s natural heat during exercise to help you burn more calories. (Per
  • A study listed on found that exercising in Zaggora Hotwear can lead to a statistically significant increase in energy expenditure as compared to standard exercise clothing: 6% on average and up to 18% depending on fitness level.
  • Keeping your Zaggora clothing on for half an hour after you work out can help you lose even more weight, even though you're no longer active.
  • The Full Body Blazer is by far my favorite Zaggora clothing item, although I love them all. It's great to wear for exercise or everyday wear. I wear out on walks, at the diner, to hang out, etc. It's a healthier alternative to regular hoodies, and it looks great.
  • I wore Zaggora for only a few weeks and dropped from a size Large to a Medium in Zaggora clothing. I'm thrilled!
  • Don't like shorts? Don't worry about it! The HotPants shorts fit perfectly under yoga pants, or stand well on their own. They have enough length that it doesn't feel like you're wearing short shorts. As someone who never wears shorts, I'm even comfortable in the HotPants!

I loved last night's episode of Gypsy Sisters on TLC. One thing's for sure - Nettie Stanley is out of control. All season, I gave her credit as the strong matriarch of her family, but in this episode, it became completely evident that she's a control freak who just can't let go. Mellie Stanley called a lawyer to get info about her father, and she allowed Nettie to meet with her and the lawyer. Immediately, Nettie left a message for Mellie's father, even though Mellie seemed skeptical. I initially blamed only Mellie's mom's absence for Mellie's actions, but now I think it may have to do with breaking away from Nettie's control.

Even better than this episode of Gypsy Sisters is the fact that My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding is back next week. So excited!!!

Last night's episode of All Star Celebrity Apprentice was too crazy not to love. Well, sort of. LaToya Jackson was the project manager for her team. She and Omarosa butted heads pretty much from the first minute of the challenge. After battling for the entire episode, LaToya decided not to take her to the boardroom to be fired. Everyone, Donald Trump included, was floored. Because of her mistake (and the fact that the others she brought back didn't deserve to go home), LaToya was kicked off The Celebrity Apprentice. The worst part is that if she brought Omarosa back, Omarosa probably would have been the one to go, per Donald Trump. Ugh, bad choice, LaToya!

Lindsay Lohan was glitter bombed as she walked towards the court house for her trial! No, nothing dangerous happened - someone just threw glitter at her as she walked in. This isn't a huge deal, but it's funny that someone planned to wait for her to arrive (she was late) just to throw glitter as she walked in.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

All Star Celebrity Apprentice: 3/17/13

Despite the firings of the rock stars (my favorites) in the first two episodes, I continued watching The Celebrity Apprentice.

This week's challenge was to help Crystal Light launch their new customizable liquid flavored products. The challenge was to create a 5-minute soap opera and perform it in front of an audience. Soap stars Jack Wagner and Susan Lucci were brought in, each to mentor a team.

The project managers for this round were LaToya Jackson and Stephen Baldwin. The project manager for the winning team would receive a total of $50,000 for his or her charity.

Stephen Baldwin ensured that his team (Plan B) was on top of the brand and the company's goals - he asked about Crystal Light, their goal and what his team was charged to represent.

On LaToya's team (Power), Omarosa started problems because she felt that the non-acting role she was assigned was menial. She also decided that the theme should be The Real Housewives and tried very hard to step on LaToya's toes. The team ended up thinking of typical soap opera lines and themes.

Lil Jon had a great idea - every time a particular sound played, the audience would have to take a sip of Crystal Light. That created audience participation and drew people in - great idea!

Omarosa caused trouble, and LaToya told her to be quiet. Omarosa was having none of it. She told LaToya she was being disrespectful, and LaToya shot back and asked Omarosa who the most disrespectful person in the room is. The argument escalated as the other team members observed. In the end, it's hard to say if one or the other won the argument, but the team members had LaToya's back.

Omarosa got her way and went shopping, instead of staying in the planning room to help, like LaToya had wanted. In her vindictive way, she called LaToya for approval on every single thing. Why? Because if anyone doesn't like the items she bought, she can say that she got approval before purchasing anything.

At this point, Team Power found out that Jack Wagner was their celebrity assistant and Plan B was getting Susan Lucci.

Next, Plan B gave Arsenio Hall, the boardroom advisor, a rundown of their plan: more Crystal Light Liquid equals more romance. Interesting concept!

A whole lot of drama and time-fillers later (this is a two hour episode, after all!) the teams performed their soap operas.

Claudia Jordan began her team's play by explaining the fact that whenever the audience heard a specific foreboding sound, they had to take a drink of Crystal Light. Then, Brande Roderick began the play in character by talking about how much she loves customizing her Crystal Light, and naming both of the flavors. Her doorbell rang, and in walked her father's character. Then, Claudia walked in wearing the same dress as Brande and they argued.

The father said that he'd been saved from multiple accidents from Crystal Light. LaToya Jackson's character named the Crystal Light flavors but got one of the names wrong.

In the end, Omarosa wasn't in the skit (after all of her whining and arguing about how she's an actress), but it was probably for the best - the sketch was funny, and it probably wouldn't have been as good if Omarosa was acting in it.

Penn Jillette opened the second sketch, calling it "Crystal Guiding Days of our Lights" and announced and described the Crystal Light product. He noted that the amount of Crystal Light he was using would dictate the amount of romance in the scene. Very creative!

Lisa Rinna opened the episode, and Trace Adkins came in saying he's a computer repair guy. It was awkward...on purpose. Then more Crystal Light was added, and Trace came back as a sexy pool boy. Then each character's respective lover came in, then saw the other lover, and fell for them. The third sketch brought Trace Adkins in a Crystal Light Liquid shirt. Susan Lucci walked in wearing a fancy dress. Trace picked her up and carried her out. It was great!

In the boardroom, LaToya Jackson immediately called Omarosa out for not participating. Omarosa said she had to leave to deal with a personal issue. The pair went back and forth a bit longer...typical Omarosa BS.

Some players on Stephen Baldwin's team were asked who the weakest player is, and Gary Busey was called out as the weakest player by everyone asked. While Gary disagreed, he was called out as doing the least. He contended that he did everything he was asked. However, that doesn't mean he went above and beyond like some of the others.

In the end, Stephen Baldwin's team took the victory.

After a lot of debate with Omarosa at the center of it, LaToya was asked who she'd take to the boardroom. She did NOT name Omarosa. She named Dennis Rodman and Brande. (Clearly, she was afraid of Omarosa.) She had her reasons, I guess, but they certainly didn't make sense!

In the end, Donald Trump told LaToya she made a mistake for not bringing back Omarosa, who he probably would have fired, and instead, he fired LaToya. I think he made the right decision. And that was the end of this week's adventure.

Random News From The Week

Hoping to see Kailyn Lowry wearing a big, white wedding dress? It looks like you'll have to wait a bit longer. Although she and Javi Marroquin were already married at a courthouse, the pair planned to celebrate their nuptials with a big ceremony. Unfortunately, monetary issues got in the way and the pair had to postpone their plans. Lowry, who recently shared the news that she's bipolar, plans to wait a whole year before hosting the ceremony.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth broke up. Is this surprising? Not at all. This site gives us a bunch of reasons why it didn't work, but I think it skips a major issue - Miley's age. The star, born in 1992, is young! In my opinion, she was way too young to make a commitment to marriage, especially considering that she seemed to still be trying to find herself. (Hello, punk rock makeover!) During her youth, she transformed into a star, then broke away from the Hannah Montana image, and then found herself in a serious relationship. How about some time for Miley to find out who Miley is? As sad as it is to see her relationship end, it's probably for the best.

More surprising is the Ryan Seacrest / Julianne Hough breakup. While the publicly stated reason makes a lot of sense (Ryan's just too busy with work), I'm not sure that's the whole story. My guess would be that Ryan wanted marriage and kids in the near future, and Julianne balked at the idea. The girl's got a great career ahead of her, and she wasn't ready to become a housewife while Ryan traveled all the time for work.

Kim Kardashian was surprised to find out that pregnancy isn't easy. My first reaction to this is "duh", but her surprise is because her mom and sister seemed to have easy pregnancies, so she expected the same. I'll give her that one. I've also read that Kanye West hasn't been around, though, and that's a bit more surprising. After all, he's been with Kim quite often, dictating her actions, clothing and choices - and all of a sudden he's been away for a few days. Strange! Is there trouble in paradise? I guess we'll know if they put all of their new houses up for sale!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Preachers' Daughters: Series Premiere

Preachers' Daughters premiered today on Lifetime. It was certainly interesting!

We first met Kolby Koloff, daughter of not one but two preachers. She acknowledged that many preachers' kids are worse than non-religious kids, presumably because they're acting out. Her father, Nikita, at first seemed pretty threatening - he's a former wrestler and now a preacher. This theory was dispelled when during the episode, Kolby had to address the idea of dating with her dad, and he was pretty cool about it. Unfortunately for Kolby, her mom seemed much less cool about Kolby dating, and she insisted on final say in the matter. (Her parents are divorced.)

Next we met Taylor Coleman. This girl was awesome - she was a straight up party girl. Her father, Ken Coleman, is the preacher of the family. When Taylor said she wanted to date (and she's 17), her dad was not having it. Ken admitted that he made mistakes with his other kids, so he's keeping an especially tight leash on Taylor. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working because she definitely makes out with her bad boy ex in the first episode.

Perry Family // From
Next up was Olivia Perry, whose father is a pastor. Olivia had a rough past - drugs and pregnancy. When she got pregnant, she debated getting an abortion, but her father made it clear that it wasn't an option. In this episode, Olivia admitted to her sisters that she isn't sure of the father of her baby...and then had to tell her parents.

Preachers' Daughters is already sparking controversy among viewers. While some preachers' daughters say that this show is great because it shows the true struggle of preachers' children, others are concerned that this show could turn people away from the gospel (I disagree) and that it doesn't portray a child who isn't rebelling against her religious upbringing. (This is a valid argument, I guess, but nobody really wants to watch a goody two shoes doing her homework and studying the bible!)

Do I think this show is worth watching? Yes, at least for a few episodes. I'm not sure it has the staying power of Dance Moms, but it's definitely good for at least one or two seasons. It's just Lifetime's style - controversial, unique and a reality show. I think they've hit reality gold, at least for a little while.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Celebrities & star chefs - the new Season of Chopped All-Stars

Food Network's Chopped All-Stars will be back with the new season on April 7th. For the first time, among the ranks of competitors, will also be celebrities. Or as Food Network's General Manager Bob Tuschman said, "Chopped All-Stars raises the stakes of our popular franchise by pitting fiercely competitive food stars, and for the first time, celebrities, against each other. These stars use their culinary prowess to battle it out for their charities and bragging rights for winning this all-star competition."

All together the season will be five episodes long and each of the episodes will be featuring head-to-head cooking competitions. The season premiere will be showing us the cooking skills (or lack of them) of Food Network chefs and Cooking Channel chefs who will be going against each other. The next episode will be offering the viewer the cooking battles between Mega Chefs, after that it's time for Chopped judges, and then it's all-in time for the celebrities. Once the final survivors have been established, the season finale will be taking place on Sunday, May 5th at 9pm ET/PT. 

Each week the contestants have only limited time to create delectable courses with the ingredients they find inside the mystery basket. The winner of the show will get all the fame and the title of All-Stars Champion. The winner's charity will receive $50 000. 

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Celebrity Apprentice All Stars Season Premiere: March 2, 2013

Celebrity Apprentice is back! This time, our fan favorites (and Donald Trump's favorites) are back to win the ultimate prize: the title of All Star Celebrity Apprentice!

This season features:
Basketball player Dennis Rodman
Actress Lisa Rinna
Rock star Bret Michaels (Previous winner!)
Model Claudia Jordan
Illusionist Penn Jillette
Country star Trace Adkins
Playmate Brande Roderick
Rapper Lil Jon
Apprentice star Omarosa
Actor Stephen Baldwin
Rock star Dee Snider
Actress Marilu Henner
Actor Gary Busey
Entertainer LaToya Jackson

The season opened with Donald Trump meeting the contestants at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to raise money for their charities. He asked each contestant why they were there, among other questions.

Stephen said for his mom.
Claudia said to raise money for her charity because she didn't last time.
Penn said opportunities....I think.
Brandi said she's here for severely abused kids.
Marilu didn't discuss her reason but discussed her last firing.
Dennis said he's here to redeem himself.
Trace said he never gave Donald anything last time and wouldn't again.
Gary was asked how he thought he'd do and I think he said he'd do well but I'm not sure.
Lisa was complimented on her lips being smaller.
Bret was asked why he'd come back even after winning last time he participated. He said he lives in the here and now. Donald thought it was a bad idea, but Bret disagreed because he supports his charity.

Instead of splitting the teams into men and women, Donald Trump pulled Bret Michaels and Trace Adkins up front to pick members for their teams. They were chosen because they had won and been the runner up, respectively, in their seasons.

Trace chose:
Penn Jillette
Dee Snider
Marilu Henner
Stephen Baldwin
Lisa Rinna
Gary Busey

Bret chose:
Omarosa (for her evil energy!)
Lil Jon
Brande Roderick (at Omarosa's advice for her charitable work)
LaToya Jackson
Claudia Jordan
Dennis Rodman

Bret Michaels' team noted that they've got all the black people (their words, not mine) and the other team looks like the Republican convention. They named themselves Power, and Trace's team called themselves Plan B.

The teams had to pick leaders. Trace Adkins was chosen right off the bat for his team because of his connection to T. Boone Pickens. Bret was initially picked for his team but Brande begged to be the leader because she's motivated to raising money for her charity. Omarosa instantly had negative things to say about Bret giving in, and I don't blame her - Bret has to stick up for himself, especially as the previous winner.

Donald Trump introduced the members of his judging panel: Piers Morgan and his daughter, Ivanka Trump. He then asked Bret Michaels why he wasn't leading his team in this challenge, and he said his team decided Brandi had the power to win. Omarosa was asked her opinion, and Omarosa said it was a dumb decision. Then Omarosa and Piers Morgan went head to head in an argument, which was not surprising given their past issues.

The first challenge was announced, and each team had to make meatballs and sell them. They'd have to take their signature recipe to the Kelly and Michael show, and the meatball that was chosen as best would get a bonus added to their total.

At this point, Bret realized his mistake in not leading the challenge. Well, realized may the wrong word - it may be a good thing after all, but Omarosa's words clearly got into his head. When the team prepared the meatballs, Dennis Rodman was the odd man out until Claudia Jordan pulled him in to assist.

On Trace's team, Trace didn't seem to care much about the meatballs themselves, and Lisa Rinna fought for using her husband's recipe. Stephen Baldwin let us know that he's holding back some of his fundraising resources because he may need them when he's project manager.

The Kelly and Michael show was next. Lil Jon and Bret Michaels represented team Power, and Penn Jillette and Marilu Jenner represented Plan B. Power had a veggie meatball, which Kelly loved because she's a vegetarian in 'real life', although she has to eat meat on TV.

While Power thrived, Plan B, who posted on the windows that they're closed for a private event, had no one when their store opened. Gary Busey went outside to attract people and Trace was unhappy - apparently he only wanted celebrities. I guess his theory worked because later, celebrities started coming in and donating big money.

Piers Morgan stopped by Plan B's meatball shop. Trace wasn't thrilled about this, so he told Gary to distract him...and that he did! When Piers visited Brande at the Power team, he wasn't impressed with Brande because she didn't know the exact income or number of meatballs made. To add to the negativity towards Brandi, one of her big donors didn't show up, which is negative considering she insisted on being project manager because of her fundraising abilities.

The Boardroom

Dennis Rodman was asked if he thought Brande Roderick did a better job than Bret Michaels would have done as project manager. He said yes. While he did throw Bret under the bus by saying this, he backed it up in a positive way towards Brandi, not a negative one towards Bret.

Omarosa was a real, um...not nice person. She said that Bret screwed Brande by not strongly fundraising for her during her challenge. When asked if that's true, Brande said Bret didn't raise a ton of money, but he did have contributors and offered great energy.

Penn was asked what he thought about Trace as a leader, and he was very positive. He backed up Trace's decision to not open up their store to the public because members of the public could encourage celebrities not to show up. Penn said it was not a decision he would have made but it was a braver one than he would have made.

Trace was asked who the worst player was, and he said it was Stephen Baldwin because he didn't contribute. Stephen admitted that he didn't contribute because he's saving resources for his turn as project manager. He said fundraising isn't a strength of his, and Piers Morgan called him out - he asked why he didn't turn to his brothers. At this point, Stephen's at a major risk of getting fired if his team loses.

Team Power won the Kelly and Michael challenge, which added $20,000 to their total.

Additionally, more money was raised during this challenge than any other Apprentice opening episode.

Brande's team raised $230,533, plus the $20,000. It was exciting, but Brande had to bring everyone down by saying she thought it was more.

Plan B raised $419,539. I guess his plan to keep his restaurant celebrity-only worked, even with meatballs that weren't as good!

Brande was asked if she was at fault for her team losing. She said no - it was the fault of those who contributed the least. She was asked who they were and she tried to defer to Omarosa, who shot her down. Omarosa said she should know and it wasn't her responsibility to share that information. Brande got attacked by the panel for not knowing, and she blamed her teammates for lying to her about the money.

Then Bret and Omarosa had a conflict, but this isn't shocking - Omarosa will start a conflict with any person, animal, or inanimate object if she's given the chance.

Argument around this continued for a while with Omarosa trying to talk herself up and saying that Bret didn't contribute much. Each person named what they brought in, which couldn't be true because the total of their individual contributions was more than the total. Then Omarosa tried to recap all of the numbers, yet even her recap couldn't match the true total.

Brande was asked who to bring back for possible elimination, and she said LaToya and Bret because they raised the least. Piers made a good point, asking why Brande trusted Omarosa's numbers when they don't reflect the true total.

When Bret, LaToya and Brande were alone in the room, Brande asked Bret not to be mad. He said he wasn't, but warned that Omarosa will just chew up whoever's next up on her hit list. My opinion? Brande should have sent Omarosa to the room for elimination, not Bret. She owes Bret for giving her a chance as project manager, and she screwed him over. And Omarosa should go for trying to screw Brande and her teammates over. Shame, Brande, shame.

Brande was interrogated in the board room as to why she brought Bret back (because he raised the least, per Omarosa), why she brought LaToya back (bringing in a low amount of money), and why she didn't bring in Omarosa (who was cashier to be controlling and lied to her). LaToya was asked who should be fired, and she said Brande. Brande said LaToya should be fired because she raised the least, and LaToya pointed out that that's hearsay, not truth. When asked why she didn't bring Omarosa back, Brande said it's because Donald loves her and wouldn't fire her. (Bad excuse, Brande!)

The decision of who to fire was tough because Brande raised a ton of money, but failed as a team leader. And Donald questioned why Bret would come back after winning The Celebrity Apprentice. He stood by the fact that it was a dumb decision. And to prove his point, he fired Bret, right off the bat.

And with that, Bret went from being a Celebrity Apprentice winner to the first All Star to be kicked off the show.