Sunday, February 24, 2013

Michaele Salahi Still Causing Trouble, Even After Fame Fades Away

Okay, so technically this isn't Michaele Salahi's fault, but I'm sure she's hardly begging her man to give money to his ex-wife and kids, especially when I doubt her income is fantastic right now.

Here's the story: Remember when Michaele Salahi was married to Tareq Salahi, the pair crashed a White House event and caused a ridiculous amount of trouble on The Real Housewives of DC? That's all history now. Michaele left Tareq and became the recipient of a $1 million dollar engagement ring from Journey's Neal Schon. This is all well and good (I mean, two former celebrities do make a good match, right?) except for one thing...Schon is not caring for his ex-wife Amber Kozan and two kids, and they're going to lose their house.

So, let me get this straight...Neal Schon gave Michaele Salahi a million dollar engagement ring, but he's willing to let his wife and kids lose their $500,000 Minnesota home? Something doesn't seem quite right about this. I'm not claiming that Schon should have allegiance to his ex-wife (I'm sure they divorced for a reason), but don't let your kids suffer because you've moved on with your new fiancee!

Per The Daily Mail's account of the situation, Neal Schon is being vindictive because Amber was the one who initiated their separation. Per Judy Kozan, Amber's mother, Neal's sending a monthly check (which clearly doesn't cover enough) to the family, but he's not in his kids' lives, simply as a way to play head games with his ex-wife.

Amber is Neal's fourth ex-wife, so Michaele better get used to the idea of possibly being the fifth. After all, Neal's relationship track record isn't exactly awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Well since Schon has paid over a million dollars in child support since his divorce from Amber Kozan just a few years ago, there is NO WAY he is not supporting his kids. That's about $200,000 a year for the kids to live on. Can you live on $200,000 a year? I bet you can. And Amber Kozan's most recent request for more alimony was TURNED DOWN by a court judge. She was asking for more than $50,000 A MONTH. Kozan and her mother are just greedy.