Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Leah Messer Calvert's New Baby's Name: Addalynn

Leah Messer Calvert stuck with the A trend for her third daughter, Addalynn, who joins big sisters Aleeah and Aliannah.

I looked up the name Addalynn, and to my surprise, it does seem to be a legit name, per Nameberry. It's a variation of Adalia, which is a Hebrew name meaning 'noble one'. My first thought when I heard the name is that it was that it's a variation of Adeline, which is a name that I absolutely love. In fact, I like the sound of Addalynn too, but Leah's version seems to fall into the same flaw that Aleeah and Aliannah do - too many letters! Adalynn, Adalyn or even Addalynn would have been much less overwhelming.

So, in short, Leah fell into the 'too many letters for a perfectly good name' trap like she did with her first two girls. I guess I shouldn't be surprised - that's kind of her thing. Hopefully if she has more kids, she'll lighten up on the extra letters trend.

I guess it's better than the little girl named Hashtag, at least!

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