Monday, February 25, 2013

In Support Of Kelly Osbourne in the Quvenzhané Wallis Oscars Scandal...Sort Of

Kelly Osbourne probably should be hiding right now because she's under attack. Why, you ask? Well, at the Oscars, she referred to young actress Quvenzhané Wallis as Little Q...and people found it tacky and unprofessional.

Should Kelly Osbourne have learned Quvenzhané Wallis' name, as a host of the Oscars? Absolutely. But I don't think she deserves all the hate that's coming to her for calling the young actress "Annie" and "Little Q." Especially given past occurrences and the fact that she's being called a racist for what she did.

I want to cite a past example here. Avril Lavigne, a few years back, took a chance at pronouncing a name she didn't know, and when she messed it up, she was attacked for it. Granted, she should have known how to pronounce David Bowie's name, but stuff happens. So Kelly Osbourne decided to take the opposite approach, and she decided that if she's going to say the actress' name incorrectly, she probably shouldn't say it. Is it the best way to handle the situation? No. But did she do it out of good intentions? I think so.

I think the one thing that bothers me most about this story is that Kelly is being tagged as a racist for not knowing how to say Quvenzhané's name. Again, I do think Kelly should have tried to memorize her name, but I don't think not saying it had racist undertones. Some names, regardless of background, are hard to pronounce. I'll cite Michaele Salahi of Real Housewives of DC fame. Before I heard her name spoken out loud, I thought it was a weird spelling of Michelle. And on the show, Michaele's costars didn't even pronounce it in the same manner. I distinctly remember hearing pronunciations including Mick-hale and Mikayla. Most names that aren't familiar to us are difficult to say until we learn how to pronounce them. And, let's be fair, on paper, Quvenzhané's is a bit difficult to decode.

So, in conclusion, yeah, Kelly should have learned "Little Q"'s name instead of using silly nicknames. But I don't think she's all bad - I think she did the best that she could given the situation.

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