Monday, February 11, 2013

Hey Shifty Swifty, How About NOT Bashing People For Once?

Taylor Swift sent Harry Styles a clear message at the Grammy's: We...are never, ever ever, getting back together. (Pretend I just sang that to you and I sounded just as good as Taylor does.) Anyway, she sang her song at the Grammy's, and threw in a line about how she's too busy opening up the Grammy's to care about him. While this garnered her national headlines, it's starting to wear thin on Taylor's fans and non-fans alike because this ex-bashing is no longer adorable.

I read some comments on, where this subject was discussed. Rather than the 'Poor Taylor' talk that I used to read, now it's all about how Taylor needs to check herself and realize she's blacklisting herself from ever dating again. While she did admit fault in one relationship (I believe regarding Taylor Lautner in Back to December), she's certainly taken no other blame and continues to blast her exes in all of her songs.

Here's a hint, Taylor: it's time to turn it around. While people have viewed you as innocent and sweet, that's going to end if you keep sending very public messages to your exes. We all have had bad relationships, but we don't blast them to the world. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Take a step back and keep it classy, Taylor, or you'll find yourself at the bottom of the charts and the bottom of celebrities' dating lists.

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