Monday, February 18, 2013

Gyspy Sisters: What Happened This Week?

Not much really happened, on last night's episode of Gypsy Sisters, but a few key things came to light.

  • Nettie Stanley has a lot of resentment about the way she grew up. You know how she has a tough, motherly exterior? She has to. As she grew up, her family was always on the run because of her mother's crime spree. And as the oldest of Lottie May Stanley's children, she had to be the mother figure when Lottie May disappeared to party all the time and then when she went off to jail. It explains a lot about why Nettie is so protective of her family and allows everyone to live in her home.
  • Lottie May's return from jail seems to be terribly confusing for Mellie Stanley, Nettie's out-of-control sister. After not having her mom around, she seems to crave her attention, and in a way, she's regressing back to being a child. She resents Nettie for being a mother to her, yet it seems to be misdirected because she's upset about her mom not being around.
  • Lottie May is very frustrating. She seems to instantly want to re-integrate herself into the family and be a parent to Mellie. She's acting like parent of the year when in reality, she wasn't an ideal parent even before she went to prison. She also told Mellie that she shouldn't be a stripper, yet she has no problem hitting her up for money - repeatedly - which you can see really hurts Mellie. Mellie truly wants to care for her mother, but she seems so sad about handing over the money that she needs for herself. At this point, you see beyond Mellie's tough exterior to the fact that she's sad about her life and really wants to be loved.
  • Mellie tries so hard to push people away. Every time her fiance Robbie tries to help her, she backs away. Next week's previews allude to Nellie leaving Robbie at the altar, and I really hope that doesn't happen.

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