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Dance Moms - 2/19/13

The episode opened with Holly worrying about the team being incomplete with Christi and Chloe on suspension. Kelly noted that Christi had been avoiding her. Shortly after, Christi and Chloe walked in, and while Abby hardly greeted Christi, the girls seemed thrilled to see Chloe.

To her credit, Christi apologized to Abby, but made it clear that Christi's behavior shouldn't impact how Abby treats Chloe. Christi noted that she was surprised that Kelly wasn't acting happy to see her.

Abby talked to the girls about how tough the Detroit competition had been last week. She was upset about the girls not winning, and went off about how it was terrible to lose to Cathy's team of Candy Apples. Then Abby went off about how the duet didn't happen last week, and Holly defended her support of Nia.

The pyramid was next. Nia, Paige and Kendall took the bottom row of the pyramid. (Kendall didn't make the top ten for her solo last week, which didn't fly with Abby.) Brooke and Mackenzie took the middle row because both did well last week. Maddie was at the top of the pyramid.

This week's competition was Int10sity Dance in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The group dance was a blues-style contemporary number called "Money is the Root of All Evil." Abby told the moms right off the bat that the costumes would take some work - and they'd have real money on them as part of the decor. In addition to the group number, Brooke and Maddie were given solos. Brooke's solo was a lyrical dance called "Careless", and Brooke said that it's because Abby knows she couldn't care less about dance at this point. (Hint: Brook actually did care.)

Holly talked a bit out the monstrosity that was last week, and Kelly confronted Christi about not answering her calls or texts. Christi seemed genuinely offended by this conversation, noting that she'd only seen one call and there was no message left. Kelly asked Christi why she's mad at her, and Christi said because Kelly didn't reach out to her enough. Christi then admitted that she's upset that she left and nothing positive came of it - Maddie's back on top and things are 'normal' for Abby's studio. Yet Christi felt out of place and like she no longer belonged. The conversation got so bad that Melissa pulled Kelly aside to try to figure out the situation and help fix the Kelly / Christi problem.

In her typical ridiculous fashion, Abby refused to call Chloe by name. She called her 'her' or 'that girl' and a bunch of other things that aren't her name. Ugh, so childish. In any case, it hurt Chloe, who ran to her mom and cried because of what Abby was doing to her.

Nia talked to Paige, stating that she wants to do the duet that the girls didn't do last week. Paige was terrified, but Nia was determined. Nia walked straight up to Abby and she was AWESOME. She asked Abby for the duet back, and Abby said she'd think about it. However, in the confessional, Abby complimented Nia's maturity and courage, and that's pretty awesome.

Melissa had drinks with Christi in order to repair the Christi / Kelly breakdown. Christi noted that she doesn't know why Kelly's mad at her. The pair seemed to really bond, which is rare for Christi and Melissa.

Abby allowed Paige and Nia to practice their duet. Of course, Abby couldn't compliment the girls' dancing - she told them they need to try harder because they can't be any less than Maddie. That being said, Abby confirmed that the girls will get their duet, which was pretty awesome.

Jill talked to Christi about how Kelly didn't call her when she needed her. At this point, the women have talked to everyone else about their rivalry, but Kelly and Christi haven't spoken to each other. Christi had a breakthrough, though - she admitted that she's upset because it seemed that the Abby Lee Dance Company went on as normal without her, whereas she felt like she should have been missed.

The Competition

Before the competition, Kelly and Christi agreed to talk. This was good news!

Maddie's solo was up first. Her lyrical solo was called "You Don't Know Me." She was great, but this wasn't my favorite choreography. Next up was Brooke. She was also great, but again, not my favorite choreo.

Nia and Paige's duet, "The Wild Child and the Wallflower", was third. It was adorable. Paige looked like a Barbie. Abby said their technique wasn't great but she was happy because this dance aimed to tell a story, not to be technically perfect. Abby talked to Nia about how the solo was pulled last week for a reason. Holly said that was Abby's way of apologizing, but Abby made it clear - she was NOT giving an apology.

The group number was last, and before the girls went on, Chloe was nervous. While the dance was a bit too mature for the girls, it was incredible. Beautiful choreo, beautiful dancing, beautiful costumes. In my mind, this one was a win.

Nia and Paige's duo took fourth place in the duo / trio competition.

Brooke took fifth place in the teen solo division.

Maddie took first place with the junior solo award.

For the elite small group junior division, Abby Lee's girls took first place, and they certainly deserved it.

Unfortunately, the win was tainted by negativity - Christi and Chloe had one final fight, and it broke their bond even further apart than before. I hope this is resolved on next week's episode!

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