Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Babies, Babies, Babies!

In today's post, we're going to focus on two reality stars: one with her first baby on the way and one who's considering baby number five, although I'm not convinced that it's such a great idea.

Who craves fame, has lots of family issues and is involved with some questionable family planning? TRICK QUESTION! The question can be answered by both subjects of today's discussion: Kim Kardashian and Teresa Giudice.

First, we'll discuss Kim Kardashian. As you know, she's legally married to Kris Humphries, but is openly dating Kanye West. She's also pregnant with Kanye's baby. Per Kim, this baby is a happy surprise, and the pregnancy conflicting with her divorce never crossed her mind.

The thing is, Kim's trying to rush her divorce proceedings because of the baby. She says the divorce is causing her stress and therefore harming the baby. But as RealityTea points out, this sounds like another Kardashian tactic, and somehow is a little too coincidental. After all, the upcoming season of whatever Kardashian show is on these days will talk about Kim's concerns about conceiving, followed by her oh-my-goodness-it's-a-surprise pregnancy.

RealityTea also mentions addresses the fact that Kim was allegedly concerned about Kris claiming paternity of her baby because he's still Kim's lawful wedded husband. Kris' camp denies he would do this, and to that, I say: OBVIOUSLY! He clearly wants revenge on Kim, but not in a way that would tie them together for life! Plus, a simple paternity test would prove who the father of Kimye's child is, and,, the kid might not look like Kris Humphries genetically. You know what I'm saying.

Onto Teresa Giudice! Teresa's husband Joe Giudice is trying to convince her to have a fifth child because he really wants a boy. While Teresa seems to be cool with her gaggle of girls, she is jealous that Melissa Gorga had boys when she can't do it.

Joe has suggested surrogacy, possibly to help convince Teresa to go for baby number five, but in my opinion, in hopes of having a boy. What do I mean? Well, Teresa's got a track record of making all girls. So maybe Joe believes that hiring a surrogate will get him the boy that he desperately desires. Does that make sense? NO. Does that theory have any validity behind it? NO. But do I believe Joe would want to at least try that? I absolutely do.

Oh yeah, also, Leah Messer of Teen Mom fame just gave birth to her third daughter. The twenty year old shares this baby with her second husband, Jeremy Calvert. She has not yet released the name, which is driving me crazy with curiosity. I mean, with the misspellings of her first daughters' names (Aliannah and Aleeah), we have a lot to expect! I'll laugh if the baby's name is Ann or something equally traditional.

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