Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Leah Messer Calvert's New Baby's Name: Addalynn

Leah Messer Calvert stuck with the A trend for her third daughter, Addalynn, who joins big sisters Aleeah and Aliannah.

I looked up the name Addalynn, and to my surprise, it does seem to be a legit name, per Nameberry. It's a variation of Adalia, which is a Hebrew name meaning 'noble one'. My first thought when I heard the name is that it was that it's a variation of Adeline, which is a name that I absolutely love. In fact, I like the sound of Addalynn too, but Leah's version seems to fall into the same flaw that Aleeah and Aliannah do - too many letters! Adalynn, Adalyn or even Addalynn would have been much less overwhelming.

So, in short, Leah fell into the 'too many letters for a perfectly good name' trap like she did with her first two girls. I guess I shouldn't be surprised - that's kind of her thing. Hopefully if she has more kids, she'll lighten up on the extra letters trend.

I guess it's better than the little girl named Hashtag, at least!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Celebrity Wife Swap: Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson

Two moms. Two stories. One trainwreck. Welcome to the world of Celebrity Wife Swap: Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson.

Kate Gosselin opened the episode, and oddly, with her long blond hair, she looked a lot like Kendra Wilkinson. She told us about her accomplishments, then about how she's involved in her kids' lives and is very strict. Daughter Mady commented that her life, at age 12, is all about work. While Kate says that she doesn't have a full time babysitter, she does have a friend named Deanna who often looks after the kids. Deanna would stay throughout Kendra's stay in Kate's house.

Kendra was next and she came off a lot less pretentious than Kate did. Kendra and husband Hank Baskett were so much fun in their intro. They explained how they are easygoing and how Hank does so much for Kendra. They have a nanny, Rosa, and Kendra is happy with that - she doesn't want to give up her whole life to be a mom.

The Swap: Living By The House's Rules

The women entered each others' homes and discovered who they'd be swapping with. The women read each others' brochures, and Kendra noted how detailed how detailed Kate was, while Kate was appalled by Kendra's note about having free time.

In part one of the swap, the wives had to live by their host family's rules. Kendra met the Gosselin kids first. The kids were standoffish, and Kendra was clearly nervous.

To start, the Gosselin kids gave Kendra a lesson in everything that she has to do to fill Kate's shoes, and Kate struggled to relax as Hank cooked. As the night went on, Kate got more and more relaxed - she seemed to love the time off. She even stayed up past her bedtime to go to a club with Kendra's friends.

Kendra, on the other hand, struggled to get the kids up and running. She made them bowls of cereal, but they told her that they prefer eggs. She asked them to hang in there. Kendra was so impressed by how structured the kids were - she said she'd never seen children with that much structure.

In summary, Kate, in Kendra's role, relaxed, while Kendra, in Kate's role, worked hard.

Kate got introduced to a nice dinner and wine while Kendra got introduced to the kids' chore chart. After dinner, the kids have a lot of responsibilities, and that seemed to hit Kendra hard. She believes a kid should be a kid, and the chores certainly don't go along with that.

Part 2: Changing Up The Rules

Kendra went first, and she switched the chores that were assigned to the boys and girls. So this week, the boys would care for the chickens and the boys would handle lunch. They'd enjoy a picnic dinner of tacos, and chores after dinner were eliminated.

For her part, Kate immediately took some of the responsibility away from Hank. She also got rid of the nanny for  a week. Kate said she'd be doing the cooking and parenting with Hank. She pulled Hank out of school for the day for a family day. She also scheduled every minute of the day.

Kendra bonded with the girls and was happy, but became overwhelmed during taco night. The kids were fighting and eventually Kendra seemed to give up. She made up for it with ice cream, though, and from that realized that she should spend more time with her son. Kendra took what she learned from working with eight kids and realized she could apply her learnings to her one child.

Meanwhile, Kate taught little Hank how to clean up his toys and made him eat dinner at the table with her and Hank. She had strong feelings about Hank's lack of eating abilities and let Hank know that, which he didn't seem to enjoy. Kate later scheduled a family yoga session and encouraged Hank to keep the tradition going. He didn't seem receptive, but that may be due in part to Kate's way of saying things in a motherly, not a friendly, to him.

Kate asked Hank what would happen if he stopped handling so much. He said Kendra would fill in. Kate asked Hank if he was sure about that in a very leading manner. Ouch, Kate!

After The Swap

Deanna and Kate sat down with Hank and Kendra to discuss the week. Kendra spoke first and said she was overwhelmed by Kate's rules and structure. Although Kendra seemed to have good intentions, Kate took that as an attack and pretty much told Kendra off. She insulted her parenting, and if her words were daggers, Kendra would have been seriously injured. Things calmed down, and Kendra explained how great it was when she allowed the kids to have fun. She also stated that Kate empowered her and she's ready to spend more time with Hank. I'm not entirely sure Kate took anything away from the swap - I'd be surprised if rules were loosened up even a tiny bit in her home in the long term.

We were given the updates after the show, and were told that Kate's allowing basement picnics and taking time for herself. Kendra's trying to contribute more time to her family. Will the changes stick? I guess we'll never know.

Monday, February 25, 2013

In Support Of Kelly Osbourne in the Quvenzhané Wallis Oscars Scandal...Sort Of

Kelly Osbourne probably should be hiding right now because she's under attack. Why, you ask? Well, at the Oscars, she referred to young actress Quvenzhané Wallis as Little Q...and people found it tacky and unprofessional.

Should Kelly Osbourne have learned Quvenzhané Wallis' name, as a host of the Oscars? Absolutely. But I don't think she deserves all the hate that's coming to her for calling the young actress "Annie" and "Little Q." Especially given past occurrences and the fact that she's being called a racist for what she did.

I want to cite a past example here. Avril Lavigne, a few years back, took a chance at pronouncing a name she didn't know, and when she messed it up, she was attacked for it. Granted, she should have known how to pronounce David Bowie's name, but stuff happens. So Kelly Osbourne decided to take the opposite approach, and she decided that if she's going to say the actress' name incorrectly, she probably shouldn't say it. Is it the best way to handle the situation? No. But did she do it out of good intentions? I think so.

I think the one thing that bothers me most about this story is that Kelly is being tagged as a racist for not knowing how to say Quvenzhané's name. Again, I do think Kelly should have tried to memorize her name, but I don't think not saying it had racist undertones. Some names, regardless of background, are hard to pronounce. I'll cite Michaele Salahi of Real Housewives of DC fame. Before I heard her name spoken out loud, I thought it was a weird spelling of Michelle. And on the show, Michaele's costars didn't even pronounce it in the same manner. I distinctly remember hearing pronunciations including Mick-hale and Mikayla. Most names that aren't familiar to us are difficult to say until we learn how to pronounce them. And, let's be fair, on paper, Quvenzhané's is a bit difficult to decode.

So, in conclusion, yeah, Kelly should have learned "Little Q"'s name instead of using silly nicknames. But I don't think she's all bad - I think she did the best that she could given the situation.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Michaele Salahi Still Causing Trouble, Even After Fame Fades Away

Okay, so technically this isn't Michaele Salahi's fault, but I'm sure she's hardly begging her man to give money to his ex-wife and kids, especially when I doubt her income is fantastic right now.

Here's the story: Remember when Michaele Salahi was married to Tareq Salahi, the pair crashed a White House event and caused a ridiculous amount of trouble on The Real Housewives of DC? That's all history now. Michaele left Tareq and became the recipient of a $1 million dollar engagement ring from Journey's Neal Schon. This is all well and good (I mean, two former celebrities do make a good match, right?) except for one thing...Schon is not caring for his ex-wife Amber Kozan and two kids, and they're going to lose their house.

So, let me get this straight...Neal Schon gave Michaele Salahi a million dollar engagement ring, but he's willing to let his wife and kids lose their $500,000 Minnesota home? Something doesn't seem quite right about this. I'm not claiming that Schon should have allegiance to his ex-wife (I'm sure they divorced for a reason), but don't let your kids suffer because you've moved on with your new fiancee!

Per The Daily Mail's account of the situation, Neal Schon is being vindictive because Amber was the one who initiated their separation. Per Judy Kozan, Amber's mother, Neal's sending a monthly check (which clearly doesn't cover enough) to the family, but he's not in his kids' lives, simply as a way to play head games with his ex-wife.

Amber is Neal's fourth ex-wife, so Michaele better get used to the idea of possibly being the fifth. After all, Neal's relationship track record isn't exactly awesome.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dance Moms - 2/19/13

The episode opened with Holly worrying about the team being incomplete with Christi and Chloe on suspension. Kelly noted that Christi had been avoiding her. Shortly after, Christi and Chloe walked in, and while Abby hardly greeted Christi, the girls seemed thrilled to see Chloe.

To her credit, Christi apologized to Abby, but made it clear that Christi's behavior shouldn't impact how Abby treats Chloe. Christi noted that she was surprised that Kelly wasn't acting happy to see her.

Abby talked to the girls about how tough the Detroit competition had been last week. She was upset about the girls not winning, and went off about how it was terrible to lose to Cathy's team of Candy Apples. Then Abby went off about how the duet didn't happen last week, and Holly defended her support of Nia.

The pyramid was next. Nia, Paige and Kendall took the bottom row of the pyramid. (Kendall didn't make the top ten for her solo last week, which didn't fly with Abby.) Brooke and Mackenzie took the middle row because both did well last week. Maddie was at the top of the pyramid.

This week's competition was Int10sity Dance in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The group dance was a blues-style contemporary number called "Money is the Root of All Evil." Abby told the moms right off the bat that the costumes would take some work - and they'd have real money on them as part of the decor. In addition to the group number, Brooke and Maddie were given solos. Brooke's solo was a lyrical dance called "Careless", and Brooke said that it's because Abby knows she couldn't care less about dance at this point. (Hint: Brook actually did care.)

Holly talked a bit out the monstrosity that was last week, and Kelly confronted Christi about not answering her calls or texts. Christi seemed genuinely offended by this conversation, noting that she'd only seen one call and there was no message left. Kelly asked Christi why she's mad at her, and Christi said because Kelly didn't reach out to her enough. Christi then admitted that she's upset that she left and nothing positive came of it - Maddie's back on top and things are 'normal' for Abby's studio. Yet Christi felt out of place and like she no longer belonged. The conversation got so bad that Melissa pulled Kelly aside to try to figure out the situation and help fix the Kelly / Christi problem.

In her typical ridiculous fashion, Abby refused to call Chloe by name. She called her 'her' or 'that girl' and a bunch of other things that aren't her name. Ugh, so childish. In any case, it hurt Chloe, who ran to her mom and cried because of what Abby was doing to her.

Nia talked to Paige, stating that she wants to do the duet that the girls didn't do last week. Paige was terrified, but Nia was determined. Nia walked straight up to Abby and she was AWESOME. She asked Abby for the duet back, and Abby said she'd think about it. However, in the confessional, Abby complimented Nia's maturity and courage, and that's pretty awesome.

Melissa had drinks with Christi in order to repair the Christi / Kelly breakdown. Christi noted that she doesn't know why Kelly's mad at her. The pair seemed to really bond, which is rare for Christi and Melissa.

Abby allowed Paige and Nia to practice their duet. Of course, Abby couldn't compliment the girls' dancing - she told them they need to try harder because they can't be any less than Maddie. That being said, Abby confirmed that the girls will get their duet, which was pretty awesome.

Jill talked to Christi about how Kelly didn't call her when she needed her. At this point, the women have talked to everyone else about their rivalry, but Kelly and Christi haven't spoken to each other. Christi had a breakthrough, though - she admitted that she's upset because it seemed that the Abby Lee Dance Company went on as normal without her, whereas she felt like she should have been missed.

The Competition

Before the competition, Kelly and Christi agreed to talk. This was good news!

Maddie's solo was up first. Her lyrical solo was called "You Don't Know Me." She was great, but this wasn't my favorite choreography. Next up was Brooke. She was also great, but again, not my favorite choreo.

Nia and Paige's duet, "The Wild Child and the Wallflower", was third. It was adorable. Paige looked like a Barbie. Abby said their technique wasn't great but she was happy because this dance aimed to tell a story, not to be technically perfect. Abby talked to Nia about how the solo was pulled last week for a reason. Holly said that was Abby's way of apologizing, but Abby made it clear - she was NOT giving an apology.

The group number was last, and before the girls went on, Chloe was nervous. While the dance was a bit too mature for the girls, it was incredible. Beautiful choreo, beautiful dancing, beautiful costumes. In my mind, this one was a win.

Nia and Paige's duo took fourth place in the duo / trio competition.

Brooke took fifth place in the teen solo division.

Maddie took first place with the junior solo award.

For the elite small group junior division, Abby Lee's girls took first place, and they certainly deserved it.

Unfortunately, the win was tainted by negativity - Christi and Chloe had one final fight, and it broke their bond even further apart than before. I hope this is resolved on next week's episode!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Gyspy Sisters: What Happened This Week?

Not much really happened, on last night's episode of Gypsy Sisters, but a few key things came to light.

  • Nettie Stanley has a lot of resentment about the way she grew up. You know how she has a tough, motherly exterior? She has to. As she grew up, her family was always on the run because of her mother's crime spree. And as the oldest of Lottie May Stanley's children, she had to be the mother figure when Lottie May disappeared to party all the time and then when she went off to jail. It explains a lot about why Nettie is so protective of her family and allows everyone to live in her home.
  • Lottie May's return from jail seems to be terribly confusing for Mellie Stanley, Nettie's out-of-control sister. After not having her mom around, she seems to crave her attention, and in a way, she's regressing back to being a child. She resents Nettie for being a mother to her, yet it seems to be misdirected because she's upset about her mom not being around.
  • Lottie May is very frustrating. She seems to instantly want to re-integrate herself into the family and be a parent to Mellie. She's acting like parent of the year when in reality, she wasn't an ideal parent even before she went to prison. She also told Mellie that she shouldn't be a stripper, yet she has no problem hitting her up for money - repeatedly - which you can see really hurts Mellie. Mellie truly wants to care for her mother, but she seems so sad about handing over the money that she needs for herself. At this point, you see beyond Mellie's tough exterior to the fact that she's sad about her life and really wants to be loved.
  • Mellie tries so hard to push people away. Every time her fiance Robbie tries to help her, she backs away. Next week's previews allude to Nellie leaving Robbie at the altar, and I really hope that doesn't happen.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hey Shifty Swifty, How About NOT Bashing People For Once?

Taylor Swift sent Harry Styles a clear message at the Grammy's: We...are never, ever ever, getting back together. (Pretend I just sang that to you and I sounded just as good as Taylor does.) Anyway, she sang her song at the Grammy's, and threw in a line about how she's too busy opening up the Grammy's to care about him. While this garnered her national headlines, it's starting to wear thin on Taylor's fans and non-fans alike because this ex-bashing is no longer adorable.

I read some comments on, where this subject was discussed. Rather than the 'Poor Taylor' talk that I used to read, now it's all about how Taylor needs to check herself and realize she's blacklisting herself from ever dating again. While she did admit fault in one relationship (I believe regarding Taylor Lautner in Back to December), she's certainly taken no other blame and continues to blast her exes in all of her songs.

Here's a hint, Taylor: it's time to turn it around. While people have viewed you as innocent and sweet, that's going to end if you keep sending very public messages to your exes. We all have had bad relationships, but we don't blast them to the world. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Take a step back and keep it classy, Taylor, or you'll find yourself at the bottom of the charts and the bottom of celebrities' dating lists.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gypsy Sisters: A Review

Tonight was the premiere of TLC's Gypsy Sisters, a spinoff of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. It featured the Stanley family, including matriarch Nettie, her out of control sister Mellie, cousin Kayla and sister-in-law Laura. It also features mom Lottie May, who gets released from a nine year prison sentence and Robbie, Mellie's fiance.

The first episode was a whopping two hours long, which was about an hour longer than it needed to be. Why? Well, the show is entertaining, but only in nice, bite-sized pieces. By the end of the two hours, I was bored of Mellie's outrageous antics, which are really the core of the show. Mellie strips, Nettie hates it. Mellie ruins a girls' day by drinking. Mellie gets engaged, but is afraid of love. Mellie evades cameras, downs a bottle of vodka and sees her mom for the first time in 10 years completely trashed. Mellie's a mess.

One notable thing about the show is that we now realize why Mellie is the way she is. We got to know her on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, but didn't really know why she was hurting. Aside from her first marriage failing (I believe due to abuse), Mellie was clearly devastated by her mom leaving her at age 13 to go to prison. At that point, she probably felt sad and abandoned, leading her to 10 years of bad choices. That explains part of why she's afraid to love anyone (and her fear of committing to Robbie) and why she needed alcohol to see her mom for the first time in 10 years. She's so lost! And can we blame her? No! Absentee parenting can take a huge toll on someone, and it clearly did on Mellie.

Will I be watching Gypsy Sisters? Absolutely. But be aware - it lacks the glitz and glamour that made MBFAGW so awesome. However, the drama keeps us entwined, so it's worth following this at least through season one.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Toddlers and Tiaras: Georgia's Fresh Faces - Beauty Under the Big Top

To open the episode of Toddlers and Tiaras, pageant director Angie Pearson introduced us to the circus themed pageant, called Georgia's Fresh Faces - Beauty Under the Big Top. She let us know that there were no rules for circus wear, which should make the pageant interesting. Her only criteria for the girls? If they're smiling or pretty, they're good to go.

The Contestants

First, we were introduced to 22 month old Oliviana from Mississippi. Mom Delia calls her daughter "Ollie" as a nickname. What is interesting about Oliviana's story is that dad Rob is her biggest supporter. He's passionate about pageants, which involves designing everything from Oliviana's performances to dresses. He even wants to open up a pageant-related studio of his own.

Oliviana has become a threat to other pageant participants in her area because she typically takes home the crown. Pageant parents have been known to reach out to pageant staff to find out if Oliviana's competing so they know whether or not to enter their kids. Wow!

Oli, at 22 months, takes a Mixed Martial Arts class to help her with her stability for pageants. Her mom says it also teaches her confidence, but I'm not entirely convinced. That being said, I still think it's adorable that her parents have her in MMA classes - it is a good way to start strength training early in life! Don't be mistaken about Oliviana being all about toughness, though - she also gets french manicures for big pageants.

Second was Georgia native 6 year old Katlyn. Right off the bat, she seemed to be a fun kid, although definitely strong willed. Mom Renee and her sister competed in pageants, and decided to continue the tradition with Katlyn.

When Katlyn checked out her tiger cage for Circus Wear for the first time, mom Renee worried because the routine Katlyn was doing was the first that she had to memorize. That makes me wonder - does she not do a lot of pageants with special portions like Circus Wear? Does she not do a lot of pageants? Does her mom always do the routine in the background? At 6, you'd think Katlyn had been memorizing routines for years.

Also from Georgia was the third contestant, 4 year old Alivia. She was introduced during her practice as "Ali". Mom Lauren has had Alivia in pageants since she was 5 months old. One notable thing about Alivia is that she's very articulate. She seems to be intelligent and strong willed, as well. While she is bossy, she makes it look adorable...probably because she knows that she's playing her mom every step of the way.

The Pageant

The categories for the pageant are Glitz Beauty and Circus Wear.

Pageant prep with Oliviana was absolutely adorable. She was in a great mood. Her parents let her choose from two dresses to wear for beauty, which was really nice. It was cool to see a child have some say in what she's doing.

Ali, on the other hand, wasn't in a great mood before the pageant, and Katlyn wasn't feeling terribly friendly before the event either. And later, Ollie's mood changed to a negative one as well. It wasn't looking like a good day for anyone at that point.

First up for beauty was Oliviana. Dad took her onstage and it was adorable. Her smile was sincere and she did a wonderful job onstage, although she did try to run off a few times.

Alivia was next. She was beautiful, but her confidence didn't seem to be in full swing. Her smile wasn't strong enough, and her eyes kept looking around. A judge commented that she appeared to be looking behind the judges and not at them, an attribute that could cost her points.

Katlyn was third. Earlier in the episode, Ali's mom Lauren had made a comment about how girls in pageants often look like Barbies, and Ali stands out because of her dark skin, eyes and hair. When I saw Katlyn, I knew exactly what Lauren was talking about. Ali was a walking, talking Barbie doll. Don't get me wrong - she looked amazing - but if she stood still long enough, you probably could mistake her for a life-size Barbie doll. Also, her aspiration (per the announcer) is to be a princess in a big castle, which is a pretty Barbie-like thing to say! Katlyn caught some criticism for her frizzy hair, but other than that, she was great.

Circus Wear was next. Unfortunately, Circus Wear prep was less than stellar for Oliviana. She was very upset and her shoes didn't fit. Fortunately, mom knew someone whose shoes Ollie could wear, and the crisis was averted. It's too bad that all of the backstage madness seemed to tire Oliviana out - her performance was less than stellar.

Alivia was second, performing as Britney Spears. (You know, the Britney Spears Circus tour? Yeah, that.) Okay, I realize I'm going off on a tangent here, but part of Katlyn's routine included hitting a stuffed animal with a whip. I'm not going to go into the morality of turning your 6 year old into Britney Spears, but I have a HUGE problem with teaching animal cruelty, even if it's in a pageant routine featuring a stuffed animal. NOT OKAY. Also, her performance wasn't awesome - her energy was low.

It was down to Katlyn, who cried backstage before Circus Wear. To remedy that, her parents gave her coffee. At first I was appalled, but I guess it's no different than Red Bull or Pixi Styx moms, so whatever! And I will give credit where credit was due - Katlyn's performance was FIERCE. At this point, I'm 100% Team Katlyn - I think this girl's got the win in the bag. Although a judge said her lip syncing could count against her, so we'll see!


In Oliviana's category (12 - 23 months), Ardem took the Queen title, which meant that Ollie pulled for a higher title.

The 4 year old division was next. Cereza took Queen, and Ali was pulled for a higher title.

The 5 - 6 year olds followed. Jasey took Queen, and Katlyn moved on for a higher title.

The money titles were up next.

Novice Supreme, and $150 cash, went to Alivia. Mom was surprised that she scored so high.

Fresh Face Supreme in the 0 - 4 division went to Oliviana.

Fresh Face Supreme in the 5 - 10 division went to Katlyn.

Ultimate Grand Supreme went to Jayla, who was so excited that she fell running onstage. But she recovered well and smiled, which proves that she's truly a pageant star.

My Notes

I love the fact that all parents featured on this episode were happy with how their kids performed. They knew their kids messed up on some things, but were proud and didn't get upset that their kids didn't win it all.

I loved that there was were friendships at the pageant! Ollie's mom was able to borrow shoes from another pageant family...that's amazing! The other mom could have easily been malicious and not lend Ollie the boots, but she did it.

Guest Post: How Society's Views of Homosexuality Are Affected By How Television Portrays Gay Teens

Gay teenagers have been portrayed increasingly in the media in recent years, especially on television shows. Fortunately, many of the instances in which gay teens are shown or typecast as characters on shows, it is in a rather positive light. However, there are times where the homosexual lifestyle is not favorably portrayed, and this can be troubling when it deals with teenagers.

Since teens are the main viewing audience of shows that feature teenagers, it is even more important that homosexuality in teens is treated realistically and with sensitivity. If all that they see is someone hating himself or herself for feelings that he or she is having, then that spreads a negative message about how gay and lesbian teens in real life should view themselves. There was one episode of a show in particular that dealt with a gay young man who attempted killing himself after he experienced bullying. While this may happen in real life, and it is a step in the right direction for major television programs to talk about such things, many people say that it could have been handled in a different manner.

A notable soap opera has recently shown the development of a character who is gay. It has gone into some depth in regards to his feelings and others' reactions after him coming out of the closet. While he was ashamed at one point, this character has been made into a self-confident young man who is clear about who he is. When many sides of the situation are dealt with, it helps to show that it may not be easy to be out as a teenager, but that it is possible to be a proud gay teen today.

It is all too easy to show flamboyantly gay teens and militantly feminist lesbians on television. This is a misgiving on the reality of how different each and every gay and lesbian teenager can be from one another. However, more shows have been steering away from the predictable roles of the past, in favor of teens that just happen to be gay or lesbian, rather than someone whose character is shaped around him or her being gay or lesbian.

When the society views television programs that deal with homosexuality in teens in an open and realistic manner, it helps to open up the lines of communication as a society. This is crucial for our modern age, as no teen should be made to feel hated or looked down upon for who they are. Parents who watch shows with their teenagers can facilitate these conversations with them, to ensure that they are not misunderstandings and that their children grow into confident, happy and respectful individuals.

Photo above is used under Creative Commons License. Credit.

About the Guest Author

Sontoya Kim writes for and helps them in spreading awareness about troubled and depressed teenagers (and how to deal with them). The Family Compass aims to increase awareness on the current psychological and societal stresses of today's teens and how these factors affect the future of our society.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Babies, Babies, Babies!

In today's post, we're going to focus on two reality stars: one with her first baby on the way and one who's considering baby number five, although I'm not convinced that it's such a great idea.

Who craves fame, has lots of family issues and is involved with some questionable family planning? TRICK QUESTION! The question can be answered by both subjects of today's discussion: Kim Kardashian and Teresa Giudice.

First, we'll discuss Kim Kardashian. As you know, she's legally married to Kris Humphries, but is openly dating Kanye West. She's also pregnant with Kanye's baby. Per Kim, this baby is a happy surprise, and the pregnancy conflicting with her divorce never crossed her mind.

The thing is, Kim's trying to rush her divorce proceedings because of the baby. She says the divorce is causing her stress and therefore harming the baby. But as RealityTea points out, this sounds like another Kardashian tactic, and somehow is a little too coincidental. After all, the upcoming season of whatever Kardashian show is on these days will talk about Kim's concerns about conceiving, followed by her oh-my-goodness-it's-a-surprise pregnancy.

RealityTea also mentions addresses the fact that Kim was allegedly concerned about Kris claiming paternity of her baby because he's still Kim's lawful wedded husband. Kris' camp denies he would do this, and to that, I say: OBVIOUSLY! He clearly wants revenge on Kim, but not in a way that would tie them together for life! Plus, a simple paternity test would prove who the father of Kimye's child is, and,, the kid might not look like Kris Humphries genetically. You know what I'm saying.

Onto Teresa Giudice! Teresa's husband Joe Giudice is trying to convince her to have a fifth child because he really wants a boy. While Teresa seems to be cool with her gaggle of girls, she is jealous that Melissa Gorga had boys when she can't do it.

Joe has suggested surrogacy, possibly to help convince Teresa to go for baby number five, but in my opinion, in hopes of having a boy. What do I mean? Well, Teresa's got a track record of making all girls. So maybe Joe believes that hiring a surrogate will get him the boy that he desperately desires. Does that make sense? NO. Does that theory have any validity behind it? NO. But do I believe Joe would want to at least try that? I absolutely do.

Oh yeah, also, Leah Messer of Teen Mom fame just gave birth to her third daughter. The twenty year old shares this baby with her second husband, Jeremy Calvert. She has not yet released the name, which is driving me crazy with curiosity. I mean, with the misspellings of her first daughters' names (Aliannah and Aleeah), we have a lot to expect! I'll laugh if the baby's name is Ann or something equally traditional.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kylie and Kendall Jenner Don't Want To Be Kardashians

In a statement that's been taken way out of context by a lot of people, Kylie and Kendall Jenner are happy being themselves. What do I mean, you ask? Well, in Glamour magazine, Kendall declared that she and Kylie are "full-throttle Jenners". And people everywhere took that to mean that they're Kardashian haters.

Here's the quote from Glamour magazine:

Kendall: "We're full-throttle Jenners!"
Kylie: "All that matters is that we're a family."

All of a sudden, the internet was aglow with people saying that Kendall and Kylie hate the Kardashian heritage and want nothing to do with the famous last name. But the thing is, I don't read it that way.

I think the girls are simply saying that they're happy with who they are. Sure, the Kardashian name has brought them fame and fortune. But they're simply not Kardashians. They're probably close with their dad and understand that they can reap the benefits of their momager Kris without losing who they really are.

That aside, the girls don't seem to be quite as immersed in the fame pool as their Kardashian counterparts, especially Kim. They don't seem to be chasing the spotlight in the same way that Kim did, and along with her, her sisters.

Let's give these girls some credit. They're not hating on their half-sisters, they're just enjoying the life - and parents - that they've got. They seem to have good heads on their shoulders and haven't managed to scandalize themselves quite yet, so maybe that's what separates them from the full-throttle Kardashians and makes them proud to be who they are.

Props, Kylie and Kendall!

The Swan Is Coming Back...Sort Of

Do you remember the 2004 show The Swan? Women underwent extreme makeovers and competed in a beauty pageant at the end of each episode to see which ugly duckling (their words, not mine) turned into a beautiful swan? It's a way, anyway.

Rather than featuring everyday women, the Fox special, called Celebrity Swan, will feature 'celebrities' who are given a chance to revamp their looks and their images.


Here’s the official logline for the two-hour special: “Celebrity Swan will feature female celebrities and will offer these popular women the incredible opportunity to undergo physical, psychological and career changes as cameras follow them through the transformative process. This opportunity will allow these women to come back better than ever, have a second chance at personal and career redemption and re-introduce themselves to their supportive fans in a whole new way.”

While casting hasn't been finalized, has heard rumors that Erin Moran from Happy Days and Monica Lewinsky are potential candidates. I don't think I'd really call either of them a celebrity at this point, but we certainly use the term loosely these days, so I guess they count. Plus, no self-respecting celebrity would actually do this show, so the producers' options are probably limited. Although there are lots of wannabe one-time reality stars out there, so who knows what will happen? I, for one, will be watching.

Hey....did you know you can buy a book about The Swan? Check it out!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Teen Mom 2 Being Pulled From The Air? It's a Possibility!

Although MTV has since denied it, The New York Post shared the news that Teen Mom 2 is being pulled from the air because of Jenelle Evans' crazy antics.

The New York Post reported that MTV is pulling Teen Mom 2 from the air because of Jenelle Evans' over-the-top behavior, possibly as part of the network's campaign to protect its image. I would hardly blame the network for pulling Jenelle off the airwaves. After all, she recently advertised her quickie marriage, pregnancy, miscarriage and divorce, which hardly paints a pretty picture of the girls who've gone through the Teen Mom circuit. Plus, reports have stated that her (possibly ex) husband Courtland Rogers is only with her for the MTV paychecks, so maybe this cancellation will give Jenelle a chance to associate with people who care about her for who she is, not for her money.

Before you breathe a sigh of relief for humanity, Entertainment Weekly reported that MTV denied these claims, and the network hasn't yet decided whether they'll be filming season five of the reality show. Season four will air as planned.

My thoughts? MTV has gone way too far with the Teen Mom series. 16 and Pregnant was relevant during its freshman season and maybe even during season 2. And the first Teen Mom was relevant because we saw the original 16 and Pregnant participants go on with their lives. But when 16 and Pregnant went into further seasons and Teen Mom 2 hit the air, the show had gone too far. Reports swirled that girls wanted to get pregnant to be on the show. And the lives of the Teen Mom participants stopped reflecting what their 'real lives' would have been because they weren't struggling teen moms - they were girls with paychecks that could more than pay for daycare. Plus, like it or not, the show glamorized teen pregnancy. In the news, we read about all of the opportunities the girls are getting (Isn't Farrah Abraham getting a spinoff?) and about their $200,000+ paychecks. Raising their kids is still difficult, but it's probably made much easier with the assistance of fame and fortune. Seriously, at least 3 of them have gotten breast implants, Jenelle included. Her life's not ALL bad. She's just making terrible decisions.

I also believe that MTV did decide to cancel Teen Mom 2 but isn't quite ready to announce it. The network probably wants to wait until season 4 hits the air before telling us that there isn't going to be a season 5. But don't worry, MTV fans. Just because you're losing Teen Mom 2 doesn't mean there's nothing left for you. Over-the-top singer Ke$ha is getting her own show called My Crazy Beautiful Life, and that's sure to satisfy the reality TV love in all of us. We'll watch Ke$ha spiral into fame and deal with her day-to-day life as filmed by her brother, Lagan Sebert. And if that's not enough, flip the channel to Fox, where you'll catch a six-week test run of Kris (Kardashian) Jenner's daytime talk show. According to Fox's team, Kris' talk show will complement Wendy Williams' and Bethenny Frankel's talk shows, making it a great fit for the network. I beg all of you NOT to watch that, though, so we can stop the Kardashians from dominating even more of the airwaves. Enough already!

Oh yeah, and to close things out, Bethenny Frankel's divorce is getting messy, messy, messy! Not only did Jason Hoppy deny Bethenny's request to take their daughter on a trip to Australia, but he's standing firm on his divorce demands, which echo Bethenny's. Their matching demands are as follows:

Hoppy's list of demands looks suspiciously like Frankel's, according to TMZ. He reportedly wants primary custody of their 2-year-old daughter Bryn, plus child support, as well as primary custody of their marital house. That's the same house the reality TV star said she wanted when she filed for divorce a few weeks back. Same daughter too.
Beyond that, he's reportedly looking for the same benefits-style package she styled for herself: medical and dental for himself and the kid, with a life insurance policy on his ex-to-be that would benefit him and Bryn.

Do I think Jason really wants to fulfill these ridiculous demands? No! I do think he wants everyone to realize what ridiculous demands Bethenny is making, and his actions will call attention to that. Sure, he's playing games, but he probably has to...Bethenny started playing dirty first.