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Sister Wives - 11/25/12

Kody began by addressing that he and his wives specifically raised his kids together as a family, despite the fact that being openly polygamist has been recognized negatively in society. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Kody and the moms went to some of their kids' school for parent-teacher conferences. The moms and Kody went as a group, and all of the parents planned to attend each conference together. Meri noted that she was nervous about meeting teachers as a polygamous unit even though their situation is very public. The first meeting was with Ms. Hess, Mariah and Madison's Spanish teacher. The family noted that she tried very hard to be socially acceptable with Kody and the wives - she tried to look all of them in the eyes.

Next up was Coach Alia. This year she has Aspyn in class but previously had some of the other kids in class.While her grades are good now, Aspyn had some trouble in Coach Alia's class because she'd missed too many classes. On the couch, Meri addressed the fact that Mariah sometimes asked to take a day off from school but was told no. She noted that Mariah often said that Aspyn gets to miss school, and Meri counters by saying that she's not Christine. When she noted this on the couch, Christine's mouth dropped. She looked absolutely horrified. Ouch, sore topic!!!

Dr. Guido was third, and he complimented Hunter as a student. Dr. Guido noted that he knew nothing of Hunter's lifestyle and didn't have any problems with him. The fact that he was well adjusted in school was a relief, considering that he had a lot of trouble adjusting to the move to Las Vegas. Dr. Guido noted that Logan's not a problem either, although he hardly speaks in school. He was positive about Madison's performance as well.

At this point, the show broke off to a sidebar about Logan's use of f-bombs and other curse words. The moms aren't exactly thrilled with this.

Mrs. Reuel was next. She's teacher to Mykelti, who aims to be a fashion designer. Mrs. Reuel noted that Mykelti can be placed at a table with anyone and get along with them.

House Issues

Back at the house, Meri got an email saying that she couldn't get the hobby room and pantry that she wanted unless she got the fifth bedroom in her home. (If you recall, the Sister Wives got their loan agreements and were planning to build houses together in Las Vegas.) Meri brought this up to Kody. Kody looked stressed and said they'd talk to the realtor.

On the couch, Kody said that each wife would get the same budget for her home. Janelle and Christine aired their concerns, with one of the pair noting that originally she was concerned because she felt Meri should get a smaller home because she had less kids. The other said she felt fearful that she'd lose out on something she needed in the name of budget equality. Meri said she truly loved the wet bar that she couldn't have without the fifth bedroom. Kody reiterated that all of these desires created the idea for housing equity.

The family met with the builders to ask questions. Kody brought up the issue of the wet bar. The builders explained that a floor plan doesn't exist with the wet bar but without the fifth bedroom so they can't make it happen.

Back on the couch, Meri discussed her concerns: she didn't want to be judged by having the extra room, she doesn't need the extra room, etc.

The builders said that it would be five months from breaking ground on the homes to moving in, and they could start building a week after having approval from the families.

Logan Graduates

Logan, headed for UNLV next year, graduated high school. Kody blamed Janelle for the fact that no one knew what was going on for Logan's graduation. Kody said he wasn't blaming, just noting that the graduation planning was disorganized, but it sounded like blame to me. Drama, as usual, ensued. Hunter was told that he had to dress up, but he saw that others weren't dressed up and was upset. Robyn was asked to bring a camera to the graduation. This would have been fine except she planned to come a bit late because Solomon couldn't sit through the whole graduation...and she got epically lost on the UNLV campus. Kody ran out of the auditorium to find Robyn, and the wives worried that Kody would miss the graduation. Fortunately, Kody made it back, but Janelle missed the exact moment that Logan's name was called, and she was devastated. About 15 minutes later, Robyn walked in and realized that she'd missed the big moment. She was noticeably angry.

Addressing the Baby Issue...Again

Kody and Meri addressed the issue of Meri having a baby yet again. For someone that really wants more than one kid of her own, Meri sure flip-flops a lot.

Meri visited her sister Elaine, who also struggles with fertility issues. The difference is that Elaine had just had another child. Elaine told Meri that the motherly instinct comes back so that shouldn't be a concern. Elaine noted that Meri doesn't seem as desperate as she did five years ago to have a baby. During those years, Meri tried multiple fertility treatments, not including in-vitro. Elaine encouraged Meri to try it once, and Meri then seemed unsure about how she'd feel if she did get pregnant.

On the couch, Kody told Meri to "get God's opinion" on the situation. He also told Meri that she needs to decide what she wants to do because he would have more kids no matter what. Kody put Meri on the spot but she couldn't make a decision in the moment. Kody offered two months to make a decision, and Meri countered by saying she'd decide by the end of the year. They then settled by saying that the decision would have to be made by the time they move into their new homes.

During the show, some of the children's wishes about plural marriage were addressed:

Mariah wants a plural family.
Aspyn does too but isn't willing to wait for it to happen, so she'll take it as it comes.
Madison does not believe that a polygamist lifestyle isn't for her because she doesn't want a big family.
Logan plans to have "one wife...and maybe one later".

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