Thursday, November 22, 2012

Couples Therapy: Too Short Will Not Put Courtney Stodden in His Music Video

On the episode of Couple's Therapy that aired on 11/21/12, it seemed that after a lot of hesitation, Shayne Lamas finally had a breakthrough.

The first event was to revisit Shayne Lamas' complete lack of appreciation for the special date Nik Richie planned for her. If you recall, Shayne used every excuse in the book to hate the date - she said she couldn't horseback ride because of her boob job and all kinds of other crazy things. Dr. Jenn Berman saw right through Shayne's excuses and said she's trying to sabotage things, as she usually does. Granted, Shayne had some valid points about Nik's surprise date - not bringing sunblock and other things were valid - but her insistence that Nik is trying to sabotage her is absolutely crazy. Dr. Jenn called Shayne out on her actions - she told her she was acting like a spoiled brat and she needs to stop pushing her husband away. Shayne admitted that she was acting out and said she'd try to stop acting so "my way or the highway".

Joel "JoJo" and Tashaunda "Tiny" Hailey talked about going on a date, but JoJo brought up drinking, and that was a major disappointment to Tiny.

In the group session, Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison spoke first. Doug admitted that it hurt that he lost his family over his marriage to Courtney. He later told Dr. Jenn that Courtney's the first woman he's been with that isn't damaged, and Dr. Jenn explained that based on his background, he's accustomed to being around damaged women, and this can negatively affect his relationship in the long run.

JoJo and Tiny were next, and Tiny addressed the alcohol issue. JoJo made it clear that he'd be drinking, no matter what. Tiny was visibly frustrated and made the case that she's been there, by herself, for JoJo in the hospital when he's overdone the alcohol. Dr. Jenn emphasized what JoJo needs to do, but it seemed like he couldn't absorb her words.

Next up was the touching story of the episode - we met the parents of a teenager named Sarah Elizabeth who passed away from cancer. Her parents talked about how they made it through the situation and then gave advice to the Couples Therapy participants. They advised the participants to remember what brought them together and it will keep them strong. They credited the support they got from each other to make it through Sarah's struggle. Nik and Shayne seemed deeply affected by their story, and it seemed like they would apply the wisdom learned to their own relationship.

Doug Hutchison talked to Too Short about how Courtney Stodden is multi-talented (I'm not convinced, by the way) and tried to get him to collaborate with Courtney on an upcoming project. Too Short (who Doug referred to as Too Small) said he would not be working with Courtney and could only see her as a whore in one of his videos. Ouch.

JoJo walked into a conversation between Tiny and Dr. Jenn, and was acting out and being accusational. JoJo demanded that Tiny tell him what she's saying, and she said straight up that she doesn't want him to drink. JoJo didn't take it well, and during his rant, the show cut to the end sequence, so we can be sure that we'll be hearing more about this next week.

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