Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ariel Winter's Mom Accused of Abuse; Brother Denies Claims

Ariel Winter of Modern Family fame has been removed from her home and put in the care of her sister Shanelle Gray (formerly known as Shanelle Workman) because of claims that their mother was abusive towards Ariel. Their brother, Jimmy Workman, says the claims are false, but evidence seems to point in the other direction.

First and foremost, sister Shanelle was removed from mom Crystal Workman's care as a child because of similar abuse allegations. While Jimmy can deny that the allegations against the siblings' mother are false, this incident happening twice seems a little too coincidental. Plus, mom was quick to defend herself by saying that she has letters from doctors and stylists that she doesn't abuse her daughter. Well, that's great, but who in their right mind just has letters sitting around that they don't abuse their kids?!? Isn't that typically a given? Or at least something that most people don't need to have because they're treating their kids fairly?

Secondly, the allegations aren't primarily about physical abuse. While it was cited that Crystal slapped Ariel, a bulk of it is emotional or less trackable abuse - calling her fat, withholding food, etc.

Ariel has been appointed an attorney and is in her sister's care, although her earnings are still in an account that her mother, not her sister, can access. The fourteen year old's custody with her sister is only temporary - the case will go to court and further decisions will be made.

Whatever the truth, we certainly hope Ariel is in a safe and happy place where she can thrive and continue her successful career.

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