Monday, November 19, 2012

11/18/12: A Week In Review

The Trisha Goddard Show did the impossible this past week - the show got Michael Lohan to take a paternity test, and it proved that 17-year old Ashley Horn (who he previously denied) is his daughter. If you do the math, you'll realize that Michael Lohan had a daughter with Kristi Horn while he was still having kids with Dina Lohan. This makes Ashley Horn the half-sister of Lindsay Lohan, who claims that she's never even heard of this mystery half-sister before! This seems to be pretty clearly a lie, which is lame, but even lamer is that Lindsay wants nothing to do with her half-sister. That's not fair - Ashley shouldn't suffer for Michael's indiscretions.

Sister Wives, again, showed wisdom from the children that the adults can't seem to accomplish. Mariah showed so much emotion as she told us why her mom, Meri, should have another child. (Sister wife Robyn would be the surrogate.) Meanwhile, Kody and the wives plunged forward with their desire to buy a bunch of separate houses, despite Robyn's massive debt and the fact that they just don't need them. Seriously, Brown family, let's be realistic! Oh yeah, and Robyn's sister's name is Taralyce...Robyn seriously lucked out in the name department in her family!

The Breaking Amish: The Shunning Truth Part 2 was a disappointment for one main reason: Rebecca didn't reveal who the father of her daughter is. While some Google searching will tell you it's Abe, and Rebecca's ex says it isn't his, we don't have confirmation because the pair is so hush-hush about the whole thing.

Kim Kardashian received death threats after tweeting positive thoughts towards Israel after Hamas rocket attacks. While I agree with pretty much nothing Kim Kardashian does and says, she doesn't deserve the negativity she received for her innocent tweet. She tried to cover up the error by also tweeting for Palestine, but that didn't do her much better, so she deleted both tweets and released an apology. I think people being critical towards Kim for this is ridiculous - she simply wanted to show support for people in a positive way. I guess you just can't do anything right anymore!

Secretly Pregnant, again, did not disappoint. This week, we met a 40 year old woman, Susannah, who was married but separated from a 25 year old man who already fathered two of her children. While she seemed to want to be with him, his criminal past got in the way, as did the fact that both Susannah and her husband were financially supported by their parents. This show is great - I can only imagine what the participants' families are thinking when the main participants have them on video but they don't know why.

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